Eco Red Shield Coated Lumber Finds Large Niche Market Amongst Homeowner Associations

Eco Building Products Become the Product of Choice for Multi Family Structure Remediation

VISTA, Calif. - Eco Building Products, Inc. (OTCBB: ECOB) announced today the Company has received a commitment for the use of Eco Red Shield(TM) coated lumber to remediate Quail Ridge a 340 unit condominium complex located in Oceanside, California. Quality Property Maintenance (QPM) received approval from the homeowners association and committed to utilize Eco Red Shield(TM) coated lumber for the replacement of handrails, stairways, structural beams and facia all currently riddled with termite, wood rot and mold issues. QPM has committed to utilize Eco Red Shield lumber on all jobs moving forward and currently have over 100 properties under contract to perform maintenance and remediation.

"My Company has been the maintenance contractor to Quail Ridge for over 17 years and has over 100 homeowner associations under management. We have replaced an immeasurable amount of lumber from decks to facia and trim work. I can't imagine what the dollar amount has been, but I can say I am glad to have been introduced to Eco Building Products by Reggie Garcia, President of RNM Construction. Eco's lumber has answered all the wood issues we have been fighting with over so many years with Mold, Wood Rot, Termites and Fire. Eco's Red Shield protected lumber is also the primer coat which saves us the additional cost of primer and the labor to apply the primer. Eco's lumber is a win-win product for QPM and our clients," stated Mark Huha, Manager of Quality Property Maintenance. "In addition to the 700 plus porch replacements of Quail Ridge condo's currently under contract with ECOB, we will be using their Eco Red Shield lumber on all of our Southern California locations," added Huha.

Eco Red Shield has become the product of choice for Archie, the president of So Cal Builder Services, who has performed remediation for many years on condominium and multi family structures in the Orange County, California market. Mold, Wood Rot, Termite damage is major issues for these structures. Having a product to provide protection from these ailments acting as the prime coat and provide a level of Fire protection makes for an easy choice.

"As a General Contractor Company we are always looking for better products to provide for our accounts. Eco Building Products, Eco Red Shield is such that product. Their Eco-Friendly treatment is a plus as well as its fire inhibiting properties. We are currently using the wood for various jobs such as wood replacement and fencing. The added bonus is the treatment acts as a primer and most of our paints cover in one application with great results. Working with Homeowner Associations and Apartment Communities that demand first class results, I highly recommend this product," stated Howard D. Moore "Archie", President of So Cal Builders Services.

"Our product performs extremely well in exterior wood applications. I always knew that the remediation market was going to be strong for ECOB. We have done a great job working with the termite companies using our lumber for remediation and now with the acceptance of homeowner associations we have developed another niche market segment to move the market towards the paradigm shift of coated lumber products," stated Steve Conboy, President and CEO of Eco Building Products. "I am proud of our sales team to penetrate this market segment and I expect to see this market grow across the country," added Conboy.

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Eco Building Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of proprietary wood products treated with an eco-friendly proprietary chemistry that protects against fire, mold/mycotoxins, fungus, rot-decay, wood ingesting insects and termites with ECOB WoodSurfaceFilm(TM) and FRC(TM) technology (Fire Retardant Coating). Eco Building products, "Eco Red Shield", "Eco Blue Shield" & "Eco Clear Shield" utilizing patent pending technology is the ultimate in wood protection, preservation, and fire safety to building components constructed of wood; from joists, beams and paneling, to floors and ceilings.

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