Eco-Friendly Oil Sorbents are made from 80% cotton fibers.

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Available in sorbent pads and rolls, Re-Form(TM) Oil Only sorbents feature absorption ratio of 34.43, and can absorb oil, grease, transmission fluid, coolant, and numerous other liquids, with average of 46 oz of oil per pad. They repel water and float, making them suited for marine spills and other outdoor applications. With spunbound coverstock, sorbents have minimal linting for general clean up purposes or wiping applications.

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New Re-Form(TM) Oil Only Sorbents up to 50 Percent More Absorbent Than Polypropylene Sorbents

SPC, a Brady business, introduces eco-friendly sorbent with superior absorbency

Milwaukee, WI - Sorbent Product Company (SPC), a Brady Worldwide, Inc. business (NYSE: BRC), has pioneered a new environmentally-friendly sorbent that offers up to 50 percent more absorbency than traditional polypropylene sorbents. Made from all natural cellulose (cotton), Re-Form(TM) Oil Only Sorbents help customers sustain their company's green initiatives, while providing outstanding absorbency levels that far surpass today's leading oil only sorbent products.

Re-Form(TM) Oil Only Sorbents outperform other sorbent products in competitive testing

S&F Labs, an independent laboratory testing company, conducted competitive testing of the leading sorbent pad products in the market, including Re-Form Oil Only Sorbent pads. Using non-detergent 30W motor oil as the testing liquid, S&F Labs tested the absorbency of 10 different sorbent pad products over a period of 24 hours.

The test results indicated that Re-Form Oil Only Sorbents far surpass the absorption levels of other sorbent pads. Re-Form Oil Only Sorbents had an absorption ratio (gL/gS) of 34.43 - indicating the ability to absorb more than 34 times the pad's weight in liquid. This absorption ratio is more than 40 percent greater than the next leading sorbent pad. Re-Form Oil Only Sorbents also absorbed the most fluid ounces of oil with an average of 46 fluid ounces per pad.

Eco-friendly sorbents meet green standards without compromising performance

Many public and private facilities are being challenged to meet demands for corporate sustainability and governmental green initiatives; Re-Form Oil Only Sorbents can help these companies meet the challenge without sacrificing superior performance. Re-Form Oil Only Sorbents are made from 80 percent cotton fibers with a specialized process that transforms raw linters into sorbent-friendly material.

In addition to the sorbents' environmental benefits, Re-Form Oil Only Sorbents can also help companies with their continuous improvements and lean initiatives. The sorbents' superior absorption capabilities allow them to absorb more oil than traditional polypropylene sorbents. This enables companies to use fewer sorbents per clean up - leading to reduced waste streams, lower costs, and other process improvements.

Versatile sorbent offering yields a variety of indoor and outdoor applications

Available in sorbent pads and rolls (socs coming soon), Re-Form Oil Only Sorbents can be used for many applications where meltblown polypropylene sorbents have traditionally been used. They absorb oil, grease, transmission fluid, coolant and numerous other liquids. They repel water and float, making them an ideal sorbent for marine spills and other outdoor applications, including public utilities, bus and rail transportation, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, government facilities and more. With a spunbound coverstock, Re-Form Oil Only Sorbents have extra durability and minimal linting for general clean up purposes or wiping applications.

FREE Re-Form Sorbents sample pack available upon request

If companies are interested in testing the Re-Form Sorbent line in their own facilities, SPC is encouraging their customers to request a free sample pack of Re-Form Sorbents.

For more information on Re-Form Oil Only Sorbents, or to learn more about SPC's full line of Re-Form Eco-Friendly Sorbents, visit

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