Eco-Friendly Degreaser can be used on pavement, land, and water.

Press Release Summary:

By breaking down hydrocarbon bonds into biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic byproducts, Petrobreak converts oil and grease to soap within seconds. Formula emulsifies petroleum distillates, fats, oils, and grease naturally while breaking down long chain hydrocarbon molecules. Also, formula stimulates naturally occurring bacteria that feed off and convert residue into waste and CO2 then die off. LEL levels are lowered to 0 when product is sprayed directly on spill.

Original Press Release:

Powerful Eco-Friendly Degreaser Eats Away Oil and Grease

Chemco Industries has introduced a new degreaser to its line of industrial and commercial degreasers.  The new product, Petrobreak, converts oil and grease spills to soap in seconds by breaking down hydrocarbon bonds into biodegradable and non-toxic by-products.

Specifically, Petrobreak's unique cleaning formula emulsifies the petroleum distillates, fats, oils and grease naturally as it breaks down the long chain hydrocarbon molecules into short and accessible chains. The formula then stimulates naturally occurring bacteria which feed off the residue and convert it into waste and carbon-dioxide causing the bacteria to simply die off.

With Petrobreak, flammable spills are instantly converted into non-flammable by-products and LEL levels are lowered to 0 when the product is sprayed directly onto the spill.

Petrobreak is safe to use and easy to dispose of - just rinse with water - no hazardous material handling is needed.  Because it is eco-friendly, Petrobreak can be used on pavement, land and water.

Applications Include:

• Gas spills at gas stations   

• Auto accidents - clean up oil, transmission and power steer fluid leaks

• Vapor Suppression

• Extinguish small kitchen fires

• Road oil spills

• Odor Control at work sites

• Soil Remediation

• Tank Cleaning and decontamination

• Equipment decontamination

• Hazardous spill clean up

• Concrete cleaning

Petrobreak is ready to use and sold in quart and gallon bottles as well as 5-gallon, 15-gallon, 20-gallon, 35-gallon and 55-gallon drums.

A free sample is available upon request.

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