Eco-Friendly Antifreeze/Coolant suits passenger cars and trucks.

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Utilizing Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) additive package, Khameleon Universal meets ASTM D3306 specification and mixes easily with other antifreeze and coolants. Solution with recycled ethylene glycol has antifreeze and coolant service life up to 5 yr or 150,000 miles for light-duty vehicles. Available in 55 gal drums and in bulk where available, phosphate-free coolant includes bittering agent to protect children and pets against poisoning from accidental ingestion.

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Safety-Kleen Delivers New, Eco-Friendly Antifreeze/Coolant for Passenger Cars and Trucks

New product celebrates spirit of Earth Day, promotes resource conservation

PLANO, Texas - Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc., today announced the introduction of "Khameleon Universal," a new antifreeze and coolant formulation using recycled ethylene glycol. The new, eco-friendly universal coolant mixes easily with other antifreeze and coolants, and meets the ASTM D3306 specification for cars and light duty trucks, making it simple to install and maintain.

"Khameleon Universal is another example of Safety-Kleen's commitment to offering environmentally responsible automotive fluids," said Eric Zimmer, executive vice president of sales and marketing. "This universal antifreeze and coolant is ideal for automotive shops, service centers and fleet-service operations using different types of antifreeze and coolants for different types of vehicles. Khameleon Universal streamlines coolant services, provides a 'Green alternative,' and it is cost effective."

Safety-Kleen formulated the new product to not only make use of recycled glycols, but also to help optimize cooling systems maintenance. For example, Khameleon Universal's neutral tone provides automotive service centers and commercial sites the option of either completely flushing a system, or partially refilling radiators as needed, without changing or wasting usable antifreeze or coolant products. The fluids retain color purity and mix well without complications.

"This universal antifreeze coolant frees up workspace by requiring fewer barrels, and it reduces the likelihood of mistakes in mixing and matching," Zimmer said. "In many cases, topping off can create a problem if the wrong coolant is used, but Khameleon eliminates that concern. In addition, Safety-Kleen provides customers ongoing services to help them purchase, use and recycle used fluids, helping them stay in balance with the environment."

The new Khameleon Universal product is phosphate-free and includes a bittering agent that helps protect children and pets against poisoning from accidental ingestion. The product uses a Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) additive package, which means it can be mixed with all other types of coolants.

Khameleon Universal meets or exceeds ASTM D3306 antifreeze performance requirements and is estimated to extend antifreeze and coolant service life up to five years or 150,000 miles for light-duty vehicles. It is available in 55-gallon drums and in bulk where available.

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