ECLAIR Supports The BARR Coding Standard

The static code analysis tool ECLAIR now supports the coding standard BARR-C:2018 for software written in C.

The BARR rules are primarily aimed at the programming style, for example, the way variable or function names are formed or how the curly braces are to be set. This serves the readability and comprehensibility of software and thus prevents misinterpretations. This can avoid actual defects in the software - but the main benefit is the maintainability and portability of the software.

Many companies have already created their own rules for the programming style, although there are often inconsistencies, for example, how to put curly braces. However, it is not the exact specification of the rules that is decisive, but that a uniform programming style is created. Since the proprietary rules for the programming style differ from company to company, an off-the-shelf tool cannot check them without adaptation. Therefore the compliance check usually requires a time-consuming manual review. If a company decides to work with the BARR rules, this effort is eliminated, because ECLAIR can check over 100 BARR rules automatically. If companies adopt the BARR rules, the large amount of work involved in manually checking the programming style can be largely eliminated.

Furthermore, ECLAIR points out possible runtime errors, calculates metrics and checks other programming rules such as the MISRA and AUTOSAR guidelines.

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