Echoworx Launches Self-Provisioning Feature for Encrypted Mail Gateway

Hands-free approach to policy-based encryption brings added value to leading security software and telecommunications partners

TORONTO -- Echoworx Corporation, ( the leading provider of managed encryption services for complete enterprise email and data protection today launched self-provisioning for their Encrypted Mail Gateway product.

"Our partners can now take a hands-free approach to policy-based encryption allowing their resellers and customers to self-manage, self-brand and even create their own policy-based rules without our partners having to do any of the set up work," says Michael Ginsberg, President and CEO of Echoworx. "With more stringent regulatory requirements, more organizations are looking to implement encryption fast and what better way than for them to set up and manage their own accounts with little involvement from their suppliers."

With the current model, an Echoworx partner would license the product, sell it to their reseller or customer and then they would have to work with Echoworx directly to set up the customer account, manage the account and even develop the branding. With the new model the reseller has the option of doing all the work or handing it off to their customer. Either way, the Echoworx partner's involvement in the set up is minimal.

"The response to this new feature from our partners has been very positive as they believe that with self-provisioning in their tool belt they can now easily work with hundreds if not thousands of resellers who will in turn sell encryption to their customers," said Ginsberg.

With self-provisioning, resellers and/or customers will self-brand their interface by browsing their desktop for company logos and graphics, and easily add themes and corporate colors using the drop down color wheel.

Managing customer accounts for the resellers can now all be done from one screen. The reseller has their customer list in one drop down menu and can easily access these accounts to manage or brand the account.

The administrator will set the policies by creating matching conditions that will trigger policy actions. They will also manage their own account by:

-- Choosing the number of email notifications they would like to receive based on incoming messages and expiring messages
-- Selecting the language preferences from more than 14 languages
-- Determining if notifications should be digitally signed
-- Determining how many times a password may be attempted before the user is locked out of the system
-- Review a variety of reports including usage, access levels, etc

Self-provisioning takes policy-based encryption to a new level for Echoworx partners, and the hands-free approach allows them to exponentially increase the number of resellers and customers they work with on a daily basis. Learn more about self-provisioning by calling: 1.888.697.3246 or visit

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Echoworx Corporation is the leading provider of managed encryption services for complete enterprise email and data protection. The company is an encryption service provider of choice for, Symantec, AT&T, Verizon, McAfee and BT among other global enterprises. Echoworx provides a SaaS (software as a service) model; it is built on best-of-breed technology and reduces encryption complexity for the end user. With Echoworx, organizations can protect their email and data without changing their day to day workflow and can easily send encrypted documents and digitally signed email messages to anyone in their address book. For more information:

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