ECC Circuit Board enables remote, real-time mass notification.

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Remote Telephone Zone Module (RTZM) provides authorized users remote access to send out emergency notifications through facility's Emergency Command Center (ECC) system via any phone. Secure system access, granted via PIN/caller-ID, and menu options ensure facility managers and security officials get emergency information and instructions to building occupants in real-time. Presence of ECC system with RTZM can provide instant alerts to occupants in specific area or throughout building.

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Fire-Lite Alarms Makes Realtime Mass Notification Only a Phone Call Away

New RTZM Module Enables Authorized Users to “Call-In” Live Pages and Send Pre-Recorded Voice Messages Through ECC Emergency Communication System

NORTHFORD, Conn. – Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced the release of the Remote Telephone Zone Module (RTZM), designed to provide authorized users remote access to send out emergency notifications through a facility’s Emergency Command Center (ECC) system via any phone. Secure system access and simple menu options, ensure facility managers and security officials get appropriate emergency information and instructions to building occupants quickly – in real-time.

Imagine a mall security guard patrolling the parking lot or a school principal wanting to warn their facilities’ occupants of a nearby tornado or some other type of threat. Precious minutes could be lost trying to reach a PA system or typing out emails. The presence of an ECC system with the RTZM can provide them an instant means of alerting occupants in a specific area or throughout a whole building.

The Emergency Command Center (ECC) is a mass notification system that ties into virtually any brand of fire alarm system to provide an economical solution for communicating critical messages, as well as general announcements. While a straightforward user interface makes the ECC easy-to-use, the ability to send out live messages called-in from any cell phone or landline is invaluable during emergencies.

“Everyone has a cell phone on them today,” said Richard Conner, marketing director for Fire-Lite Alarms. “It’s secure and the phone menu is straightforward, so there’s little room for user error when deciding what message to send and to where.”

Authorized ECC users call the ECC’s phone line and are granted access either by entering a secure PIN or are identified as a valid user through caller-ID. Numerous individuals can be setup with 4-digit PINs, or as many as five phone numbers can be setup with caller-ID access.

The ECC’s phone menu offers simple options, which enables callers to make the right choices quickly to broadcast live voice messages or a pre-programmed alerts to all or specific areas within a building. The phone menus can be in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese.

The ECC’s scalable design enables building owners to purchase only what is needed, with ample capacity for future expansions. The RTZM is a small circuit board made to fit easily inside any ECC panel enclosure and requires basic configuration. With as many as 24 speaker zones per ECC system, dealers can program its operation to be as basic or as sophisticated as needed.

“We want to offer customers beyond what code requires to keep their facilities safe,” Conner exclaimed. “The RTZM’s unique call-in feature also offers dealers a competitive advantage, allowing them to spec something no other system offers.”

All Fire-Lite Alarms products are non-proprietary and sold over-the-counter at security equipment distributors nationwide, commonly making parts readily available and competitively priced. For more technical information on ECC systems and the RTZM, visit To experience how easy it is to fit an ECC system to a facility and train staff on its operation, download the ECC App for iPads.


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