EB Industries Advances Laser Hermetic Sealing Process

Farmingdale, NY, -- EB Industries, a leading provider of welding, laser welding, and hermetic sealing services, has recently developed a process for hermetically sealing parts that provides precise control of internal pressure anywhere from 10-3 ATM vacuum and up to 3 ATM pressure. This process also allows for the backfill of any gas provided it is non toxic, non-oxidizing and non-flammable.

Hermetic seals offer the highest protection against moisture. Laser hermetic sealing of parts provides long term performance in the harshest and most demanding environments. Since minimal heat is produced, the process protects precision components from destructive high temperatures found with solder seals.

Our laser hermetic sealing process is best suited for the processing of parts in medical assemblies, titanium assemblies, medical devices, medical instruments, surgical tools, orthopedic implants, endoscopic instruments, attenuators, phase shifters, resonator assemblies and , RF amplifiers and converters.

Our laser hermetic sealing process complies with ISO 9001:2000 standards. We follow the military standards MIL-PRF-38534E and MIL-STD-883 in our laser sealing and laser detection processes. We also own an aerospace quality system AC7004 certification from Nadcap.

For more information on our laser hermetic sealing as well as our laser and electron beam welding services, visit our website at www.ebindustries.com

About EB Industries

Our comprehensive electron beam welding services combine the high performance characteristics of electron beam welders and the advancements in electron beam technology. We can process even the most complicated component easily using our EB welding machines.

In addition to welding, laser welding, and hermetic sealing services, we offer a range of secondary services on the basis of customer interest. CAD/CAM product design, tool design and fabrication, metallurgical evaluation, non-destructive testing, and thermal treating are some of the secondary services offered.

We see continued growth in all of the industries we serve and look forward to sharing with our customers a bright and prosperous future.

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