Eaton Corporation Reduces Cost Per Line Item in Warehouse by 40% Using Robocom's Warehouse Management Solutions

Farmingdale, NY and Markham, ON, August 12, 2009 - Robocom Systems International, a provider of Supply Chain Execution Software announced today that Eaton Corporation has reduced its cost per line item by 40% using Robocom's warehouse management solutions (WMS). In a case study on the use of Robocom's WMS, Eaton Corporation's Hydraulics Division Distribution Center has reduced line item cost by 40%, improved shipping productivity by 700% and consolidated 13 warehouses into a single facility.

Keith Byrne, IT Analyst for Eaton Corporation explains, "Our goal was to consolidate all of our facilities into one distribution point in order to reduce costs and streamline our operations, employ best practices to maximize our processes, and implement state-of-the-art technology to support our growth strategy."

Since implementing Robocom's WMS, Eaton has dramatically improved its productivity and efficiency while significantly reducing the cost of its distribution operations. "Today we are shipping in one week what we used to do in one month, and we are accomplishing this with fewer people," says Byrne. Eaton's results include reducing the return by customers of faulty component parts by over 98%, achieving a 99% inventory accuracy rate based on dollar amount, reducing its costs per line item from $4.00 to $2.44, cutting the order fulfillment process from 24 hours to 45 minutes, and now are able to ship 32,000 line items per week versus less than 5,000 line items per week before implementing Robocom's WMS.

"Robocom continues to be keenly focused on the needs of the business leaders responsible for the day-to-day results in warehousing and distribution center operations," said Fred Radcliffe, Robocom President. "The results achieved by Eaton demonstrate the value our software delivers and the importance of our focus. Our team continues to deliver the tools that operating managers need to realize the cost savings that are being demanded of them in today's tough economic environment."

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