EAM Worldwide Outfits First Airbus Aircraft with RFID Dual-Memory Enabled Life Vests

The company's RFID division helped to implement adherence to the newest Airbus requirements, making EAM Worldwide one of the first to fulfill them

MIAMI - EAM Worldwide, in collaboration with EAM RFID Solutions, is responsible for outfitting the first Airbus aircraft with RFID dual-memory enabled life vests. The A320 easyJet-owned aircraft is the first plane to have dual-memory tags utilized on board.

In 2012, Airbus announced the requirement for all vest suppliers to comply with the dual-memory tag criteria outlined by the ATA Spec 2000 committee, the governing board of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) for aviation. EAM Worldwide is one of the first to fulfill this requirement and will be listed as a featured vest supplier for Airbus clients.

"With the in-house know-how of our RFID division and our proprietary tag integration technique, we are able to efficiently meet the Airbus ATA dual-memory requirement with our vest products," states Eloy Leal, Director of EAM Operations and Engineering.

EAM Worldwide dual-memory vests now allow EAM to write the birth record (part number, serial number, date of manufacture, etc.) of each vest during the manufacturing process while creating a rewritable section, known as the lifecycle record, for end-users like easyJet. EasyJet will now have the ability to write internal data requirements into the vest tags and utilize the tags for tracking purposes like recording overhaul dates. The dual-memory tags now give easyJet the ability to detect data corruption between information that was written to the tag versus what is read by the software.

The push to convert to dual-memory tags was prompted by the deficiencies in the current vest tags, known as single-record tags. Single-record tags contain the birth record of the vest, like dual-memory tags, but are insufficient because the end-user has limited ability when attempting to modify or add additional data once it is set by the OEM.

About EAM Worldwide

EAM Worldwide has delivered high-quality safety equipment and technology to help ensure the survival and well-being of each passenger and crew member for over 60 years. Products include life rafts, life vests, evacuation slides, survival and safety kits and RFID technology. EAM Worldwide is headquartered in Miami, Florida with a global sales office in Dubai, U.A.E.

About EAM RFID Solutions

EAM RFID Solutions optimizes operations and enhances tracking efficiency through radio frequency technology (RFID). EAM RFID Solutions works directly with its clients to implement a complete system package; software, scanners and tags. RFID can be used for inventory management control, anti-theft measures or confirmation of necessary routine maintenance and inspection. RFID is also incorporated into a variety of EAM products, namely life vests.


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