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Building on Customer Experience Management solution, Medallia Web Experience gives website and e-commerce teams expanded ability to understand and improve visitor experience. Software-as-a-Service integrates web analytics data with customer experience data to explain whys behind website behavior; provides 360° view of customer journey; and enables website teams to delve deeply into web experience trouble spots, on-the-fly and on as-needed basis.

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Medallia Solution Helps Social Media, E-Commerce, and Enterprise Companies Improve Customer Web Experience End-to-End

The Medallia Web Experience solution uses the power of customer feedback to drive web sales, lower churn, and increase customer satisfaction and profitability

MENLO PARK, Calif., -- Medallia, the global leader in software-as-a-service Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, today announced Medallia Web Experience solution, designed to give website and e-commerce teams dramatically expanded ability to understand and improve the visitor experience. Web Experience builds on Medallia's CEM solution, which already powers feedback for many of the world's most admired brands, including some of the top 10 e-commerce and social media operations.

Medallia designed Web Experience to take the mystery out of web customers' behavior and, ultimately, provide companies with a clear understanding of what they must do to make visitor experiences better and resolve "commercial trouble spots." The need for improvement in website experience is significant. A recent Temkin Group study showed that companies believe they create worse customer experiences through their websites compared to their telephone or in-person channels. In fact, more than 70% of companies surveyed believe that their websites don't delight customers.

"After several clients asked us to customize our CEM solution to help them understand website behavior, we realized there was an extensive unmet need," said Borge Hald, CEO and co-founder of Medallia. "We decided to build a product that takes into consideration how all our clients would use this type of solution. Now, business managers of social media, e-commerce, and enterprise sites can use the same structured approach to driving business performance as other Medallia customers."

Web Experience addresses three unmet needs of website experience managers. It:

-- integrates web analytics data with customer experience data to explain the "whys" behind website behavior

-- provides a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the customer journey, from website browsing to fulfillment to service

-- enables website teams to delve deeply into web experience trouble spots, on the fly and on an as-needed basis

Integration with web analytics data

Web analytics provide a lot of data about website behavior, but not the "whys" behind it. Medallia Web Experience is designed to complement web analytics data in two ways. First, it triggers survey invitations to customers identified by web analytics as engaging in behavior that business managers want to decipher. Second, it appends web analytics data to customer survey records for later analysis.

Comprehensive view of website customers

Though website managers may see visitors' experiences as isolated from fulfillment or service, customers view these experiences as part of the same continuum. Medallia tracks the entire website experience by integrating data from multiple touchpoints: website, fulfillment, service. If companies lack experience data about some touchpoints, Medallia can capture it through visitor surveys, transaction surveys, product surveys, website service and support surveys, and more.

Dynamic surveying

Explaining website behavior patterns using traditional tools is difficult. With web analytics, it's mere guesswork: A business manager identifies unwanted behavior--like customers leaving items in carts--then reshuffles the problematic web page and hopes the undesirable behavior dissipates. Overall website satisfaction tracking programs also fall short. They survey too few customers exhibiting the specified behavior and ask questions that are too high-level.

With Medallia's dynamic surveying, business managers can turn on customized surveys about targeted trouble spots for set time periods and aggressively sample from specified micro-segments of customers. Plus, because Medallia's dynamic surveying requires no changes to the website, teams can run these short-term survey projects independent of e-commerce deployment cycles. The ability to dive deeply into trouble spots sets Medallia apart from vendors of overall website experience surveys.

Medallia Web Experience also offers other key features, including:

-- World-class performance ensured by built-in integration for content distribution.

-- Automatic integration of other data sources into the Medallia application, if desired. Companies can choose to add operational data such as call resolution time, financial data such as purchase history, web analytics data, data from later or earlier visits, and much more.

-- Alerts about unhappy customers and customer recovery workflows to help companies save at-risk relationships.

To find out more, visit http://www.medallia.com/solutions/webexperience.

Medallia is conducting a live web event to share best practices for driving web experience improvements and to show how Medallia Web Experience can help drive improvement gains. The Webinar will feature Borge Hald, CEO and co-founder of Medallia, and Megan Burns of Forrester Research, Inc. Please register for this July 14 event at experience.medallia.com/forms/web-experience-webinar?cid=pr-29jun20 10.

About Medallia

Medallia (www.medallia.com), the global leader in SaaS customer experience and enterprise feedback management, provides solutions to Global 2000 companies. More than 50,000 businesses and business units around the world use Medallia. It helps companies drive continuous performance improvement by systematically monitoring the customer experience in real time, identifying drivers of satisfaction (and dissatisfaction) through root-cause analysis and rich customer engagement, and facilitating organizational change in response to feedback. Customers include global financial services, retail, high-tech, business-to-business, and hospitality companies. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley.

Web Site: http://www.medallia.com/

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