Dynamometers are suited for testing electrical motors.

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High-Speed WB Dynamometers incorporate optical speed sensor and torque measurement, providing typical accuracy of 0.3%. Units are available with torque ratings from 150 mN·m to 20 N·m and speed ranges from 70,000-65,000 rpm, respectively. Company's TM Torque sensor may be mounted in line with dynamometer for system accuracy of 0.1% and speeds up to 50,000 rpm. Dynamometers test electrical motors in tools, medical/dental equipment, vacuum cleaners/systems, and toys.

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New High Speed Dynamometers from Magtrol

Buffalo, NY - Magtrol is launching a new generation of dynamometers for the testing of electrical motors. Already a market leader in the Motor Testing Industry with a wide range of products, Magtrol has technically enhanced its reputable Eddy-Current (WB) Dynamometers to better serve the growing demands of high-speed electrical motors.

The constant miniaturization of motors integrated in tools, medical/dental equipment, vacuum cleaners/systems and toys has produced increased motor requirements in terms of speed performance. Magtrol is able to supply a complete measurement device to designers and manufacturers of such motors with their new range of High-Speed WB Dynamometers. The new dynamometers are available in very low torque ratings (150 mN·m) with speed ranges up to 70,000 rpm. Other options include higher torque ratings (up to 20 N·m) with the capability of reaching speeds up to 65,000 rpm. Integrated into the dynamometer is an optical speed sensor and torque measurement providing typical 0.3% accuracy. If a more accurate system is needed, Magtrol's TM Torque sensor can be mounted in line with the dynamometer for a system accuracy of 0.1 %, and speeds up to 50,000 rpm.

The new High-Speed WB Dynamometers can be connected to Magtrol's DSP6001 High Speed Programmable Dynamometer Controller, 6510e/6530 Single/Three Phase Power Analyzer and dedicated M-TEST 4.0 Software offering a complete test system for quality on-line production testing. For more information on Magtrol's WB Dynamometers, click the following link: www.magtrol.com/motortesting/wbdynamometers.htm

Magtrol, Inc. is a leading manufacturer in the Motor Testing and Load Measurement Industries providing high quality products to measure and control torque-speed-power, load-force-weight, tension and displacement. For more information on our complete line of products, contact Magtrol, Inc.; 70 Gardenville Parkway; Buffalo, NY 14224; +1-716-668-5555; or visit our web site at www.magtrol.com.

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