Dynamometer Torque Sensor provides non-contact operation.

Press Release Summary:

Model 2002 Companion Drive Dynamometer Torque Sensor features digital telemetry system that is immune to RF, PWM, and EM interference. Capacities range from 150 to 8,000 lb-ft in selectable mount configurations to mate to existing U-joints or companion flanges. Standard output is ±5 Vdc with overall accuracy of 0.25% or better. Power requirements are 120 Vac with input-sampling rate of 26,000 samples/sec. Frequency response is 2kHz.

Original Press Release:

Dynamometer Torque Transducer Using Digital Telemetry Offers a Total Non-Contact Solution with High Level Output Signal, High Accuracy, Short Drive Lengths, and Diverse Mounting Configurations

Troy, Ml, July 8, 2002: Lebow Products Inc. is pleased to introduce its new Model 2002 Companion Drive Dynamometer Torque Sensor line. The Model 2002 rotary torque sensors are designed for dynamometer applications where non-contact operation, high
torsional stiffness and short length are an advantage. The digital telemetry system eliminates the need for bearings and slip rings, which reduces maintenance costs and simplifies installation while still allowing for high accuracy performance.

The new 2002 family consists of capacities ranging from 150 lb.ft. to 8,000 lb.ft. in selectable mount configurations to mate to existing U-Joints or companion flanges. Other Capacities available upon request. Standard output is +/- 5 VDC with an overall accuracy of 0.25% or better when considering non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability. The advanced digital telemetry is immune to RF, PWM and EM interference. System power requirements are 10-18 VDC (optional) or 120 VAC (Standard) with an input-sampling rate of 26,000 samples per second. Frequency response is 2K Hz.

Established in 1955, Lebow Products manufactures a complete line of precision rotary in-line and reaction torque sensors, as well as fatigue resistant and general purpose load cells. These products are utilized for precise measurement in R&D, manufacturing, process control and many other applications in a broad range of markets. Website - www.Lebow.Com.

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