Dydacomp Announces the Release of Multichannel Order Manager Version 7.1

TOTOWA, N.J., -- Dydacomp, a leading provider of business technology solutions for ecommerce and multichannel merchants, announced today the release of Multichannel Order Manager V7.1.

A free update to supported customers who are already running V7.0 of Dydacomp's Multichannel Order Manager solution, this release includes many improvements to existing functionality suggested to Dydacomp by active customers. In addition, the update introduces some new features and seat licensing changes sure to make warehouse managers and CFOs happy.

"Through continued development of M.O.M. and SiteLINK Ecommerce Dydacomp continues to validate our commitment to provide eCommerce and multichannel merchants with complete solutions that successful online businesses need to automate and streamline operations," said Michael Nardini, VP of Customer Satisfaction. "The improvements made in this release are no exception and we have our users to thank. Most of the improvements made in M.O.M. v7.1 were suggested by our user community. As important, we were able to addresses nearly 75% of customer reported issues as part of M.O.M. V7.1.

One major inventory management enhancement debuting in M.O.M. 7.1 is the ability to adjust multiple stock items in batches. Designed to add efficiency and flexibility to warehouse operations, this new feature allows warehouse and inventory managers to adjust the current number of units in inventory and the unit cost of an inventory lot as well as transfer inventory between warehouses for multiplestock items.

Another feature added to Multichannel Order Manager 7.1 is the ability to lease seasonal M.O.M. seats. A long standing request from customers whose peak season lasts just 3 months each year, this feature allows M.O.M. users to save money on traditional licensing by renting additional M.O.M. access only when they really need it. The change in seat licensing ensures that the warehouses and call centers of M.O.M. users alike can be properly staffed with all the tools necessary to effectively handle the influx of orders during a business' busy season.

"In less than a week over 25% of the M.O.M. V7 user community downloaded the just announced update and are already benefiting from the improvements made," stated Nardini. "In the same period, demand for inbound support has remained unchanged proving that M.O.M. v7.1 is a very stable and easy to implement release."

For more information about M.O.M. v7.1, please visit the Dydacomp website or the Dydacomp Blog.

About Dydacomp

Dydacomp specializes in multichannel software solutions for Ecommerce, catalog, DRTV, and traditional point-of-sale business. Dydacomp's popular Multichannel Order Manager software, formerly Mail Order Manager, first released in 1986, is fully featured including integrated Ecommerce, inventory control, order entry, customer maintenance, credit card processing, list management, fulfillment and other related functions. Through Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.), online merchants using MIVA®, Shopsite®, Yahoo!®, eBay®, Amazon®, SiteLINK® and other carts or marketplaces can manage their entire back-office operations. Dydacomp's client base, approaching 10,000 Multichannel Order Manager installations worldwide, consists of e-commerce, mail order, fulfillment, distribution and call-center companies.

CONTACT: Lisa R. Gittleman, Marketing Specialist, Dydacomp, +1-973-237-9415, ext. 215, lisa.g@dydacomp.com

Web Site: www.dydacomp.com

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