DVS: Next Generation of OEM Products

At NAB 2006 DVS Digital Video Systems GmbH will exhibit the OEM boards in their latest product versions. Customers will benefit from additional features.

Hanover. DVS has been successful in the OEM business since 1995. Industry's major players such as Autodesk, FilmLight and SGI employ DVS OEM boards (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in a number of their products. DVS will show the latest generation of its OEM boards at this year's fair in Las Vegas where Centaurus and SDStationOEM II are presented with an extended service package and additional features.

The industry reference Centaurus board has been on the market for two years. From 2006 on, Centaurus will be equipped with 16 instead of 8 embedded audio channels. Centaurus is thereby fully compatible with Sony's HDCAM SR. The board now works with 44.1 and 96 kHz audio as well as providing 12 bit video I/O for HD and 2K. Thus, OEM customers are now able to employ DCI rasters, such as 2048 × 1080 at 24 Hz. The additional field mode allows even faster access to interlaced data in RAM resulting in less delay for any real-time workflow. 3-line VITC and HD-to-HD cross sync have been enabled as well. As a special highlight, DVS introduces Centaurus' independent I/O rasters: The OEM board can now handle more than 40 different formats at both input and output. Altogether, the additional features result in a higher flexibility for the customer.

The reliable and robust SDStationOEM II board now runs with 24 Hz 'Slow PAL', providing a correct timeline for film content scanned at SDTV rates. Furthermore, the OEM board now supports 8 instead of 4 channels audio input, supplemented by a record and play-out of ANC data as well as 3-line VITC. Improved real-time processing, thanks to faster access to interlaced data in RAM, results from the introduction of a field mode. All additional features of the SDStationOEM II will help customers optimize hardware design and flexibility of their products.

The extended service package supplements DVS' support range with a warranty of up to three years for the OEM boards.

Marcus Goluecke, Product Manager at DVS: "Our boards' well proven stability and reliability are maintained with this new feature package. The enhanced performance of our OEM products will secure future markets for our customers."

From July 2006 the European Union (EU) Directive on the Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) bans the use of certain substances in electrical and electronic equipment products. DVS has reacted to this by matching components in the production process to the new RoHS-standards.

DVS with headquarters in Hanover, Germany and Los Angeles, USA has achieved sustained
success in 2005: CLIPSTER won the prestigious Digital Cinematography Award. In addition to its cooperation with Hollywood film studios DVS teamed up with companies such as The Mill, Midnight Transfer, Sony, Kodak and Bang & Olufsen.

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