DVK90129 RFID Sensor Kit

The development kit DVK90129 has been developed in partnership by Melexis and Applied
RFID. It provides a unique experience to evaluate and develop an application based on
the MLX90129. By following the guidelines provided in this manual, the sensor tag and
datalogging application can be implemented in a very short time. The Proxima RF(TM) USB RFID reader is plug and play and the user interface dedicated to the EVB91029 is application oriented. Preprogrammed settings for EVB90129 sensors and external memory help to experience MLX90129 features. The XML based configuration file and the tools to export the data allow characterize the sensors and fine tune the MLX90129 settings.
Features and Benefits

o Sensor tag and Data Logger functions

o Fast and easy implementation

o Standard ISO15693 RFID interface

o FCC Certified Reader

o Ideal for Cold Chain Monitoring

Product Applications

Temperature measurement

Perishable Goods Temperature Tracking

Active RFID Tags

Networking Solutions

Fever measurement


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