Dust Suppressant eliminates particulate matter emissions.

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Available in powder form, Dust Stop successfully eliminates fugitive dust from unpaved roads, while being fully safe to use in and around areas of environmental concern. It is approved by US Bureau of Land Management.

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Dust Stop, the Environmental Solution to Eliminating Particulate Matter Emissions

In the U.S. alone, unpaved roads (which can cover a wide range of compositions, from compacted dirt to shale/slate to gravel) can be held responsible for more than 10 million tons of particulate matter emissions on an annual basis, according to a study done by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Such a problem requires an effective solution, which Dust Stop has specifically been designed to provide. Dust Stop not only eliminates the fugitive dust from unpaved roads, but can also be applied in a number of other successful applications while being fully cost effective and 100% environmentally friendly.

The environment is a major issue when looking at how to ethically come up with alternatives to solve today's particulate matter emissions problems. In the past (with some still in use today), the products used to control dust have had their own environmental concerns, sometimes more so than the dust problem itself. The Canadian Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA) assessed road salts (chlorides) on their use for road maintenance and as a dust suppressant, and have evaluated that because of the widespread dispersal of road salts in the environment, that concerns can be associated with many serious environmental areas. Their studies have shown that toxic on aquatic biota are associated with exposures to chloride concentrations as low as 870, 990 and 1070 mg/L for median lethal effects (fathead minnow embryos, rainbow trout eggs/embryos and daphnia, respectively). In the same assessment, the CEPA also found that in the environment, resulting chloride concentrations have been measured as high as 2800 mg/L in groundwater in areas adjacent to storage yards, 4000 mg/L in ponds and wetlands, 4300 mg/L in watercourses, 2000 to 5000 mg/L in urban impoundment lakes and 150 to 300 mg/L in rural lakes. Dispersion of these products into the environment also leads to contamination of soil and can have toxic effects on people and animals living by highly contaminated sources. Dust Stop comes with a toxicology report (upon request), where it passed with 100% accuracy. The test carried out was the Rainbow Trout 96-hour Single Concentration (pass/fail) Lethality Test. Dust Stop passed completely, showing no signs of mortality or deviance in the fish activities.

Therefore, Dust Stop addresses both environmental concerns that were previously present; it successfully eliminates dust from a number of sources while being fully safe to use in and around areas of environmental concern. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has recognized the product's environmental benefits and has granted approval of Dust Stop for use in sensitive environmental areas. Furthermore, another inherent advantage that Dust Stop possesses is its availability in powder form, which significantly reduces the normal freight costs associated with the shipment of alternate liquid dust control products. The timing couldn't be more perfect for the widespread implementation of Dust Stop for any dust control purposes, especially with the new environmental standards and regulations that are now coming into effect. The positive word about Dust Stop is constantly spreading as the product has provided an ideal solution to the problems listed above. All of the reference material mentioned above is available upon request. Please contact Cypher at the co-ordinates listed below, visit the website at www.cypherltd.com, or contact your local Cypher International Ltd. representative for more information.

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