Dust Collector Filters exceed NIOSH and OSHA specs.

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Intended to work with company's OptiFlo(TM) pulse-jet dust collectors, OptiKlean cartridge filters exceed NIOSH and OSHA codes for recirculation of plant air. Filters provide 99.999% average efficiency on submicron particles. Made of polyester reinforced media, filters withstand rigors of pulse cleaning, are moisture resistant, and maintain low pressure drop. Filters are available in flame retardant, high-temperature, and conductive media.

Original Press Release:

New OptiKlean(TM) Cartridge Filters from AAF International Exceed NIOSH and OSHA Codes for Recirculation of Plant Air

LOUISVILLE, KY - June 2002 - Precisely engineered to work with the AAF OptiFlo(TM) pulse-jet dust collectors, the new OptiKlean cartridge filters are part of a total system approach to solving industrial air quality problems. Efficient on even submicron, health damaging, fine particulates, OptiKlean filters were certified to exceed NIOSH and OSHA codes for recirculation of plant air.

An independent laboratory tested the fractional efficiency of OptiKlean filters operating in an OptiFlo dust collector. OptiKlean filters provide 99.999% average efficiency on submicron particles with low energy and operating cost. Tests were performed in accordance with ASHRAE RP-531* test procedures.

Made of a proprietary high strength polyester reinforced media, OptiKlean filters were specifically developed to withstand the rigors of pulse cleaning. Designed to operate in industrial environments, OptiKlean media is moisture resistant. The proven blend of synthetic fibers and special hydrophobic resin prevents absorption of moisture while maintaining a low pressure drop, high dust holding capacity, and superb airflow. OptiKlean filters are also available in flame retardant media, high-temperature media, and conductive media to reduce the effects of static build-up.

Efficient on a wide range of dust problems found in the automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, and metalworking industries, OptiKlean filters were engineered to work with OptiFlo dust collectors for optimal performance and extended filter life. Easy to install, filter replacement is performed outside the OptiFlo unit.

For more information on the OptiKlean cartridge filters and OptiFlo dust collectors, call the AAF Answer Center at 1.800.477.1214 or visit the AAF web site at www.aafintl.com.

RP-531 Performance Data*
Particle Size OptiKlean Efficiency %
0.8 microns and over 99.999%
0.5 < 0.8 microns 99.998%
0.4 < 0.5 microns 99.996%
0.3 < 0.4 microns 99.995%
*An independent test laboratory has tested and certified the fractional efficiency of OptiKlean filters operating in an OptiFlo dust collector. The filters were subjected to continuous pulsing while atomite dust was injected based on ASHRAE RP-531 test procedures. The particle count was measured after 350 hours. Fractional efficiency is the ratio of the number of particles captured by the filters compared to the number of particles entering the dust collector. Actual efficiency will vary depending on the specific application.

For additional information, please contact:
Keiron O'Connell
Product Manager
AAF International
Phone: 502.637.0550
Fax: 502.637.0320
E-mail: koconnell@aafintl.com

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