Dust and Smoke Collectors range from .75 to 5 hp.

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Available with filter areas ranging from 60-200 ft², V-Series collects medium to fine dust and smoke in first stage filter. Optional second stage filter can be used to remove fumes, and ultra-clean air can be re-circulated into building. Quick-Access(TM) doors provide immediate access to filters when needed. Collectors are available in cabinet, roll out cart, hopper, or open base styles with manual, electronic, or pneumatic shaker types.

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Dustvent, Inc. Introduces New V-Series Dust and Smoke Collectors

Dustvent, Inc. introduces a new line of dust and smoke collectors. Medium to fine dust and smoke are collected in a first stage filter. The ultra-clean air can be re-circulated into the building, saving heating and air conditioning costs. An optional second stage filter is used to remove fumes. The V-Series collectors can be used in a variety of applications including woodworking shops, machine shops, agricultural and chemical operations, composite manufacturing, and transportation maintenance.

The collectors are virtually maintenance free. New Quick-Access(TM) doors provide the operator with immediate access to the filters when needed. The filters are easy to change, requiring no tools and use a fast rack filter seal.

These collectors come in a variety of sizes: from .75 HP (60 sq. ft. filter area) to 5 HP (200 sq. ft. filter area). The DV5V20 model quietly operates with a 5HP 3/60/230-460 blower motor with noise ratings of 81 db(A) with out a muffler and 71 db(A) with a muffler. With 200 sq. ft. of high efficiency polyester filter, the unit operates from 1350 to 2600 CFM depending on the static pressure.

A variety of options are available. Base styles include: cabinet, roll out cart, hopper (w/55 gallon drum) or simply open. Shaker types include: ergonomic manual, electronic or pneumatic. Carbon second stage filters, for weld smoke and fumes, are available as factory assembled or as a field retrofit modification. HEPA second stage filters may be used for clean room filtration. An explosion modification package is also available.

Dustvent, Inc. has been in business since 1885 and manufactures a full line of dust, smoke, fume and mist collectors for a variety of industrial applications. Dustvent's environmental products and wheelchair accessible workstations enable all employees to work in a safe and comfortable environment. Visit the website www.dustvent.com for more information.

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