Dunnage Racks provide corrosion- and rust-free storage.

Press Release Summary:

Made of engineered polymer material that will not dent or chip, Polymer Dunnage Racks feature seamless, double-wall construction that allows for storing of heavy material loads. Ventilation slots allow air to circulate under stored goods. Each rack is supplied with 2 dunnage key connectors that join racks together. Sizes include 30 and 36 in. long units that hold up to 1,500 lb as well as 48 and 60 in. long units that hold up to 3,000 lb.

Original Press Release:

New Super-Strong Dunnage Racks from Eagle

Clayton, Del. November 15, 2004- Polymer dunnage racks from Eagle MHC offer versatile storage of components and supplies. Made of an advanced engineered polymer material that won't dent or chip, these racks provide the ultimate in corrosion- and rust-free storage. Their seamless, double-wall construction allows for storing extremely heavy material loads, while the ventilation slots allow air to circulate under stored goods. They are portable and easy to use, with no operator assembly required.

Each rack is supplied with two dunnage key connectors to join racks together, featuring a specially designed integrated thumb notch for easy removal of the connector. Create any number of rack combinations to form end-to-end, back-to-back, "L" or "U" shaped configurations. The design also incorporates a storage slot for dunnage key connectors when not in use, that is sloped to allow for drainage when cleaning.

Eagle MHC's polymer dunnage racks are available in four sizes. The 30-inch and 36-inch long units each hold up to 1,500 lbs., while the 48-inch and 60-inch units hold up to 3,000 lbs. For more details on polymer dunnage racks from Eagle MHC, contact Scott Pelton with sales inquiries or the Marketing Department (ext. 3129) with inquiries pertaining to marketing support. Tel. (800) 637-5100 or (302) 653-3000. FAX (302) 653-3036. Web site: www.eaglegrp.com.

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