DUNMORE Aerospace Contributes to FAA Research on Aircraft Fire and Cabin Safety

DUNMORE Aerospace provides valuable support to FAA to improve aircraft material testing protocols, contributing to advanced materials and safer air travel for future generations of aircraft.

Bristol, PA - DUNMORE Aerospace, an industry leader in aerospace material development, today announced their test results are to be included in findings presented by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). DUNMORE Aerospace (http://www.dunmore.com/industries/aerospace.html), along with aircraft OEM testing labs and other materials manufacturers, submitted test results to the Federal Aviation Administration as part of a joint effort to evaluate the flammability performance of various aircraft interior materials. The FAA presents their report today at the International Aircraft Materials Fire Test Working Group meeting being held in Bordeaux, France.

The Materials Fire Test Working Group is part of the FAA’s long-range research initiative to develop fire-safe materials for use on future commercial aircraft. DUNMORE Aerospace’s role in the group is to test standard materials alongside other group members within the construct of a round robin test methodology. The FAA compiles the independent test results and presents the findings during meetings conducted throughout each year.

The FAA presentation will highlight key findings of interest to the aerospace industry and beyond, as the results will be used to achieve the goal of minimizing the role of burning cabin materials as a cause of death in future aircraft accidents. Three major technical objectives were used during this long-range research effort. Aircraft materials targeted for upgraded fire resistance include thermoset resins, thermoplastics, textile fibers and elastomers. Fire Resistant Aircraft Materials Program Milestones will be touched upon to illustrate the changes.

“By working in collaboration with regulatory agencies, we look to improve testing protocols and advance aerospace material technologies,” said Art Mallett, Jr., Director, Global Aerospace. “Future products will be responsively created to address concerns brought up by better testing. Commercial flights will continue to be made safer than ever before with the advancement of engineered aircraft materials.”


DUNMORE Corporation is a global supplier of engineered coated and laminated films and foils. DUNMORE offers film conversion services such as coating, metalizing and laminating along with contract film manufacturing. The DUNMORE Aerospace  business unit (http://www.dunmore.com/industries/aerospace.html) produces coated film, metallized film and laminating film substrates for the aircraft and spacecraft industries. DUNMORE also serves the photovoltaic, graphic arts, packaging, insulation, medical, electronics, automotive, surfacing and fashion industries. DUNMORE is privately held, ISO 9001:2008 and OSHA VPP Star certified. For complete information on DUNMORE’s products, services and industries served, please visit DUNMORE’s website http://www.dunmore.com.

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