Ductless Filter Boxes enable fume hood conversion.

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Portable Filter Boxes provide laboratories with ability to convert total-exhaust hood into energy-efficient ductless fume hood. They utilize gas-phase-bonded carbon filters to protect fume hood operator by capturing chemical fumes and vapors and eliminating carbon dust. Post-filter gas sensor is linked to microprocessor controller, which allows adjustment of airflow velocities. Boxes also include lockable casters and 8 in. exhaust connection.

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New Portable Ductless Filter Boxes for Exhaust-to-Ductless Fume Hood Conversion


AirClean Systems' Portable Filter Box can give laboratories the ability to convert the traditional total-exhaust hood into an energy efficient ductless fume hood. The Portable Filter Box utilizes AirClean Systems' gas phase bonded carbon filters to protect the fume hood operator by effectively capturing chemical fumes and vapors. These unique filters eliminate carbon dust and uneven distribution associated with traditional granular carbon filters. AirClean Systems offers a variety of filters to meet the diverse application needs of today's laboratories. Filter monitoring is standard on all models, with a post-filter gas sensor linked to the microprocessor controller.

Portable Filter Boxes are complete with a microprocessor controller to allow for adjustment of airflow velocities. Airflow within the Portable Filter Box moves in a unique and deliberate pattern to achieve quiet operation and allow for exceptional capture velocities.

By making the switch from a total-exhaust hood to a ductless solution like the Portable Filter Box, laboratory energy use (and energy waste) can be significantly reduced. Total-exhaust fume hoods remove tempered air from the laboratory, while at the same time more heated or cooled air must be returned to the lab via the building's HVAC system. This constant cycle is one of the largest points of energy consumption for the modern lab. By filtering and returning room air back into the laboratory, AirClean Systems Portable Filter Boxes help labs go green by breaking this energy-wasting cycle.

The Portable Filter Box ships fully assembled with lockable casters and 8 inch exhaust connection.

Further product information can be found at http://www.aircleansystems.com/portable-filter-box.htm

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