Ductile Iron Casting Service eliminates need for patterns.

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Providing fabrication of gray and ductile iron parts, Nopatech(TM) enables parts to be cast 1 or 2 weeks after reception of customer drawing. Nine axis robotic cell machines blank sand molds in sizes from 20 x 20 in. up to 115 x 115 in. It also produces cores, providing complete solution to wide variety of casting applications. Nopatech offers alternative to non-environmentally friendly polystyrene foam patterns and waste producing weldments.

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Saguenay Foundry Eliminates Pattern in Casting Process

Chicoutimi, QC, Canada - Fonderie Saguenay introduces Nopatech(TM), a new fabrication alternative for gray and ductile iron parts. Using the most recent innovations in robotics and software technologies, Fonderie Saguenay produces real size castings without the need for costly patterns.

Parts can now be cast one or two weeks after the reception of a customer drawing. Short production runs, prototypes and urgent repairs are done with cost savings ranging between 30% and 80% compared to the traditional pattern/casting scenario.
Jean-Philippe Lefebvre, pattern shop supervisor for Baldor-Maska, was among the first clients to use this technology: "The Nopatech(TM) process was very useful to us. One of our clients needed a part on an urgent basis. By using the Nopatech(TM) process, we saved money and, most importantly, time, because we couldn't wait after pattern fabrication. When we received the cast part, one week after ordering, we measured it and the dimensions were as good as it would have been with a pattern. The surface finish was also very good. We will not hesitate to use this new process again in the future".

Nopatech(TM) Is a 9 axis robotic cell that machines blank sand moulds in sizes from 20" X 20" up to 115" X 115". It also produces cores, providing a complete solution to a wide variety of casting applications.

This new technology is an alternative to non-environmentally-friendly polystyrene foam patterns and waste producing weldments. Castings offer flexibility in design and optimal weight distribution compared to other metal fabrication processes, and are now competitive in both price and lead time thanks to Nopatech(TM).

For more information, please visit our website at www.foundry-sag.com/.

To see Nopatech(TM) in action, please visit our YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/SaguenayFoundry

About Fonderie Saguenay

Fonderie Saguenay is a gray & ductile iron foundry that has been supplying quality castings for the last 30 years. Range of castings go from 200 to 15,000 lbs for a variety of industries like aluminum smelters, metal and alloy producers, power transmission, utility plants, mines and many more. Fonderie Saguenay serves clients in Canada, the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

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