Dual Lifts give cartons a pair of handles.

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Dual Lift Systems allow boxes to have handles exactly where lifter wants them to be. User presses Dual Lift to sides of box and lifts with legs instead of back. Handles are comfortably held with ergonomically designed rubber grip area. Using handles, lifter does not have to reach to floor or far side of box, helping to eliminate back injuries. Solo Lift allows user to lift load with one hand.

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Lift Mates(TM) Dual Lifts(TM) Offer Significant Ergonomic, Health and Financial Benefits to Heavy Lifters, Businesses and Insurers

Dateline: September 4, 2003 ... Carmel, CA

Lift Mates' Dual Lifts give every carton a pair of handles exactly where the user wants them to be.

CARMEL, CA - September 4, 2003 - Lift Mates, Inc. continues to build a body of scientific data to support the use of their patented manual lifting tools. With back injuries representing approximately 20 of all workers compensation payments, preventative tools and methods are necessary to benefit lifters, businesses and insurance providers.

As box size increases, it is more difficult to reach around or under the box without tilting or twisting the back and shoulders. Large boxes cannot be lifted properly without the use of handles because handles eliminate the need to get around and under the box. Handles also allow the back to be kept straight and the shoulders level when lifting.

Handles on cartons are highly recommended, however, built-in handles are not always practical on many boxes, nor are they ideally located, depending on the position of the box to be lifted. The "Dual Lift" from Lift Mates, allows every box to have a pair of handles exactly where the lifter wants them to be. Handles are effective for several reasons with the most important being that the user does not have to reach as far in either the horizontal or vertical direction to grasp the box.

The "Dual Lift" system is a pair of handles that are comfortably held, one in each hand, with an ergonomically designed rubber grip area. The user simply slaps the Dual Lifts to the sides of the box and lifts with their legs.

"The Dual Lifts offer a number of benefits to the user that can be quantified using the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation," says Mark Almond President and CEO of Lift Mates, Inc. "When lifting a box with handles, the lifter does not need to reach to the floor or to the far side of the box. Being able to grasp the box towards the top can make a substantial difference in the Recommended Weight Limit (RWL) as calculated using the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation. We have seen the RWL increase well over 50% when comparing lifts with and without the Dual Lifts."

"An increase in the RWL means the lifter is going to be working in a safer environment with less likelihood of back injury," added Almond. "This not only benefits the lifter but also the employer and the Workers Compensation Insurance industry."

Dr. Albert V. Jellen, M.D. states, "Lift Mates seems to have taken the lead in providing effective tools to prevent back injuries due to lifting. It is my professional opinion that such tools will become more and more important as we witness a gradual deterioration of the conditioning of the population due to lack of physical exercise. Faulty nutrition adds another dimension to the picture, as inadequate supply of essential nutrients interferes with the formation of healthy tissue."

Both the Dual Lift and the Solo Lift, a device that allows the user to lift a load with only one hand, can be seen at the National Safety Council show at The Protectoseal Company booth number 1025. The National Safety Council exposition runs from September 8-10, 2003, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

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Lift Mates, Inc. is a California company whose products, the "Dual Lift" and "Solo Lift" are revolutionary patented new products that change how boxes are lifted, stacked and delivered. The products make lifting faster, safer and more efficient. More information is available on their website, which is located at www.liftmates.com or by e-mailing info@liftmates.com. Lift Mates can also be contacted by telephone at (831) 626-2986 or by fax at (831) 626-2988.

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