Dual-Function Furnace for Faster Heating and Cooling Cycles

Our client, an important manufacturer of motors for various industries such as mini-splits, electric appliances, etc; wanted to increase production but did not have enough space for a conventional furnace.

It had very fast cooling and heating times, which considerably lengthened its production cycles.

We made the installation of a box furnace for heat treatment of stators with the following characteristics:

  • A dual-function furnace providing both heating and cooling
  • Advanced combustion control with variable excess air to optimize energy consumption at high temperatures
  • A system offering great temperature uniformity throughout the cycle (especially at low temperatures)
  • An afterburner that eliminates the emission of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere
  • Box furnace with operational temperature of 620°C (1,150°F)
  • High-speed burners to improve heat transfer and optimize fuel consumption
  • Incorporating PLC and touch screen for easy operation
  • Compact design

At Nutec Bickley we are experts in the installation and customization of firing systems for all kinds of industries. Come to us if you are interested in a complete solution or if you need to update your current equipment.

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