Dual Arm Robot features compact, flexible design.

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Featuring 15 axes of motion, SDA5D robot is suited for assembly, handling, machine tending packaging, and part transfer applications. It has internally routed cables and hoses that minimize interference and maintenance and simplify programming. Dual independent arms work together, with one able to hold part while other performs operations on it. System offers payload of 11 lb and has horizontal reach of 33.3 in. and vertical reach of 44 in.

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NEW! SDA5D Dual-Arm Robot Model Added to Motoman's SDA-Series Lineup Provides Next-Generation Speed, Application Flexibility

Dayton, Ohio - Motoman's SDA-series (slim, dual-arm) family of robots has expanded to include the new SDA5D model. Quick and agile, with "human-like" flexibility of movement, these robots provide the reach, payload, speed, performance and flexibility required to perform a myriad of assembly, handling, machine tending packaging and part
transfer applications that formerly could only be done by people. SDA-series robots feature 15 axes of motion (7 axes per arm, plus a single axis for base rotation). Internally routed cables and hoses reduce interference and maintenance, and also make programming easier.

Both robot arms can work together on one task to double the payload or handle heavy, unwieldy parts, trays or pallets. The ability to use dual independent arms to process parts reduces the need for expensive custom fixturing and allows end-of-arm tooling to be simple and less costly. Motoman SDA-series dual-arm robots can hold a part with one arm while performing operations on the part with the other arm, and can also transfer a part from one arm to the other with no need to set the part down.

The actuator-based design of the SDA-series robots means that the motor, encoder, reducer and brake for each robot axis are combined in one small, lightweight yet powerful package that is significantly smaller than a traditional AC servo motor drive. Advantages include a slim arm profile, lightweight robot body and high wrist moment and inertia ratings.

Axes 15 15 15
Payload 5 kg (11 lb) 10 kg (22.1 lb) 20 kg (44.1 lb)
Horizontal Reach 845 mm (33.3") 720 mm (28.3") 910 mm (35.8")
Vertical Reach 1,118 mm (44") 1,440 mm (56.7") 1,820 mm (71.7")
Repeatability ± 0.06 mm (0.003") ±0.1 mm (0.004") ±0.1 mm (0.004")

SDA-series robots are controlled by the next-generation Motoman DX100 robot and system-level controller that uses patented multiple robot control technology to easily handle multiple tasks including control of up to eight robots (72 axes), as well as I/O devices, and communication protocols. Featuring a robust PC hardware architecture, the DX100 controller uses a Windows® CE programming pendant with color touch screen.

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