DSD 500 Inert Gas Metering Device

The use of industrial gases - mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) -
as physical blowing agents in the production of foamed plastics is increasing everyday around the world. The properties of these gases guarantee maximum compatibility with foamed plastics and the environment. They are an excellent alternative to conventional foaming agents because of their low consumption and high economic efficiency.

The DSD 500 from Linde meters flow rates extremely accurately and independent of pressure, temperature, and type of gas. A highly dynamic control valve adjusts the gas volume automatically to the pressure conditions in the extruder.

o The DSD 500 was specially designed to meter liquid CO2; therefore, there
is no need to pre-cool the liquid CO2 before it enters the device

o Extremely accurate inert gas flow control

o Control valve reacts promptly to process fluctuations

o Automatic adjustment to the extruder pressure saves time during start-up

o Easy installation

o Suitable for liquid as well as for gaseous blowing agents

o Easy operation via operator panel and PLC

o Compact design

o Environmentally friendly

o Inexpensive

o Low gas consumption

o High foaming capacity

o Non-flammable

o Non-toxic

The DSD 500 inert gas metering device consists of a suitable mass-flow meter, a special 3/3-way proportional control valve and can consist of one or two high-performance compressors (contingent upon required flow rates) specially adapted for the use of CO2. The booster is operated with compressed air and automatically
pressurizes the blowing agent to the required level without user input. A special flow regulation (patented by Linde) ensures a constant flow rate, even when there are strong pressure fluctuations in the plastic processing machine. These fluctuations are compensated immediately by the special control valve. The flow rate can be pre-selected manually or adjusted externally to the output capacity of the plastic processing machine via interface.

The DSD 500 ensures exact metering of inert gases to an extruder (extrusion foaming) or other plastic processing machines (e.g. polyurethane foaming) for continuous as well as discontinuous operation.

o Linde offers a complete supply system at our customer's designated outdoor site; complete with gas storage, pressure building and regulation at the pad as well as our DSD 500

o Consulting

Technical data

300 psi

e.g. 870 psi

Approx. 1450 -5800 psi

e.g. 1 - 45 lb/h

mass flow

Maximum compressor pressure 7250 psi

Maximum injection pressure 6090 psi

Flow rate Type 1 (with one compressor)

Type 2 (with two compressors)

1 - 45 lb/h liquid CO2

2-90 lb/h liquid CO2

Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz, 2 A

Compressed air supply 90 psi

Floor space 2 ft x 2.3 ft

Height 6.6 ft

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