Drywall/Wood Panels provide sound and RF shielding.

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Designed for use in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities and commercial applications, QuietRF offers STC values of 52-74 and RF shielding from 0-10 GHz with 60-80 dB of attenuation. Rooms built with these fire rated, Type X equivalent, 5/8 in. panels can block cell phones, Blackberry, wireless PDA's, and other wireless devices in both directions while meeting high levels of acoustic isolation.

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Quiet Solution Introduces QuietRF SCIF Product Line - New Drywall & Wood with Acoustic and RF Shielding

New Breakthrough Products Meet Stringent SCIF Requirements for 75% Less Cost SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 20 / -- Quiet Solution, LLC, provider of award-winning soundproofing products, today announced the availability of the lowest-cost, high-performance soundproof/RF shielded drywall and wood panels for SCIF rooms as well as commercial applications. A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) is a facility providing formal access controls (approved by the Director of Central Intelligence) and typically requires sound isolation as well as RF shielding throughout the room to prevent unauthorized information flow. Over 120,000 SCIF rooms have been targeted for conversion over the next several years at government offices, government subcontractors and embassies throughout the world. The QuietRF family of products includes special drywall, wood and sealants to meet the stringent requirements of RF shielded and acoustically isolated SCIF rooms as required by DCI. Since the construction methods are more standardized than older techniques (such as copper shells), standard subcontractors can be used throughout construction, cutting labor costs by 4X or more. With STC values of up to 74 and RF shielding tested from 0Hz to 10Ghz with 60dB to 80dB of attenuation, QuietRF provides the first one-stop solution for complete SCIF room and RF shielded buildouts. In addition, QuietRF products may be used in commercial settings such as hospitals or theaters where RF shielding may be desired, but had been too expensive or impossible until now. "QuietRock and QuietWood products have been used over the past three years in over 10,000 successful soundproofing projects. While our earlier products provide no RF shielding, we developed the new RF product line to make RF and soundproof SCIF room construction more affordable than earlier methods. Now builders and architects can achieve the lowest installed cost and deliver solid acoustic and RF shielded performance with proven QuietRock technology," said Kevin Surace, CEO of Quiet Solution. QuietRF delivers lab-tested performance The patent-pending 5/8" panels were tested by globally recognized labs at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to ASTM E90, which showed the panel delivered an STC value of 52 to 74 depending on the assembly. This exceeds DCID 6/9 Annex E and DIAM 50-3 Sound Group 4. The panels were also tested by Southwest Research (SWRI) for RF to IEEE-STD-299 when used in a field install assembly (including panel cuts) achieving 80dB or greater isolation up to 1Ghz and 60dB or more to 10Ghz meeting certain requirements of NSA 65-5, NSA 65-6 and NSA 73-2A including over 100dB of RF attenuation at specified critical frequency bands. QuietRock 530RF is also fire-rated and equivalent to Type X drywall. In commercial settings, rooms built specifically with QuietRF products and following the installation guide block cell phones, Blackberry, wireless PDA's and other wireless devices in both directions while meeting high levels of acoustic isolation at the same time. Copies of test results are available on the company's website. QuietRF delivers features important to professional builders, architects o Simple installation for walls, floors, and ceilings o Use of standard subcontractors rather than specialists o Installs and finishes like ordinary drywall o Provides high acoustic and RF isolation throughout the room o One hour fire-rated, Type X equivalent QuietRF products are available exclusively through over 400 distributors of quality building materials throughout North America. Specific details are available at www.QuietRF.com. ABOUT QUIET SOLUTION, LLC Quiet Solution, America's most trusted manufacturer of soundproofing products, provides world-class building materials for residential and commercial construction including wallboard, wood, and high STC windows. Its high-tech products provide the highest and most reliable Sound Transmission Class and Impact Insulation Class solutions on the market, new RF shielding solutions, as well as the only THX Certified soundproofing solution in the world. As an innovative material science and manufacturing company, Quiet Solution develops and deploys patent pending technologies to solve large-scale problems in several sectors including construction, marine, and automotive. All the company's products are environmentally friendly and manufactured in the USA. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley. For more information, visit www.QuietSolution.com. Source: Quiet Solution, LLC CONTACT: Doug Sandlin of Quiet Solution, LLC, +1-408-541-8011 media@quietsolution.com Web site: www.quietsolution.com/ http://www.quietrf.com/

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