Drum Loader offers 52-tool capacity.

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Enhancing production capabilities of GX7, tools are placed in tool holding pockets equally spaced 360° around periphery of rotating part of drum. Tools are removed from pocket and transferred into rotational interchange arm that loads it into machine. Interchange arm is double ended, allowing loading and unloading functions to occur simultaneously. Loader can load either straight shank tools direct from loader or tools held in Nikken KM style collets.

Original Press Release:

52 Tool Drum Loader

Melbourne - ANCA has developed a 52 tool drum loader, an automation system to suit small and variable quantity tool batches. The drum loader enhances the production capabilities of the GX7.

Product details

The Drum Loader has a maximum capacity of 52 tools. The tools are placed in tool holding pockets that are equally spaced 360° around the periphery of the rotating part of the drum. The tools are removed from the pocket and transferred into a rotational interchange arm that then loads it into the machine. The interchange arm is double ended allowing loading and unloading functions to occur simultaneously, this reduces overall loading time and consequently machine idle time.

The Drum Loader is designed to load either straight shank tools direct from the loader or tools held in Nikken KM style collets. Using the KM collet enables the loader to be set up with a variety of tool sizes and types. This feature along with the ANCA Loadermate software gives the operator complete flexibility in grinding applications and ensures the loader is used to it full capacity regardless of the tool batch size to be ground. The Drum Loader is designed to utilise Nikken collets types KM16, 20 & 32.

The Drum Loader offers the following benefits:

· Flexibility in loading applications

· Small foot print

· Ergonomic design meaning high operator comfort when loading/ unloading tools

· Hinged operator door for quick and easy access to tooling for adjustment or changeover

· 360° swivel access door allowing operator to load/ unload tools without the need to jog loader drum

The loader uses 2 gripper arms to get the tool from the drum to the work head. They are called the interchange and orientation arms. The orientation arms' function is to take the tool out of the drum and pass it to the interchange arm which then loads it into the work head. Conversely the interchange arm will take the finished tool from the workhead and pass it to the orientation arm, it is then placed back in its original posit ion in the drum.

The drum is driven by a Siemens motor and shares the same drive as the Machine spindle*. All other movements on the Loader are actuated by pneumatic devices.

* Note: Due to the shared drive the Machine spindle cannot be run simultaneously with the loader drum.

About ANCA

ANCA was founded in 1974 to design and manufacture high technology Computer Numerical Controls (CNCs) for the machine tool and metal-based industries. Today, ANCA has become a leading designer and manufacturer of complete, precision CNC tool and cutter grinding machines in a global niche market. With its core values of precision, innovation, quality and technological excellence, ANCA is today an international organisation of more than 300 employees with a robust set of technological and entrepreneurial skills. Offices are located in major cities in Europe, North America and Asia; with dealerships represented in over 25 countries. ANCA continues to understand market demands and produce products and services to benefit its customers.

For more information, contact:

Jan Langfelder
International Marketing Manager
Email: janl@anca.com.au

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