Driver Set eliminates hand fatigue and cramping.

Press Release Summary:

POLLICIS® Series Extended Reach Drivers 5-piece set (58-0460) with vinyl pouch includes slotted .093, .125, .141 in. and Phillips-type #00 and #0. Handles feature Moody® Swiveltop anti-roll hex shape that allows smooth-gliding, stable rotation. Blades are manufactured from hardened, high tensile strength alloy steel securely molded into ergonomic, anti-static handles.

Original Press Release:

New Extended Reach Driver Set

The POLLICIS® Series Anti-Static, Ergonomic, EXTENDED REACH drivers are now available in a NEW 5 piece set, Stock No. 58-0460. Extended Reach POLLICIS® Handles feature the Moody® Swiveltop(TM); molded into an anti-roll hex shape it allows an outstanding smooth-gliding, stable rotation. The patented design of this Anti-Static Driver actually improves the work capabilities of the hand by eliminating hand fatigue and cramping. Extended Reach Driver blades are manufactured from hardened, high tensile strength, alloy steel, securely molded into the Ergonomic, Anti-static handle.

Drivers included in this set are also available individually. Set is packaged in a durable vinyl pouch containing the following sizes: Stock # 58-0460 Slotted .093", .125", .141" & Phillips-type #00 & #0 $19.25

Extended Reach drivers are MADE IN THE USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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