Drive Reactors offer DIN rail mounting.

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Requiring no specialized tools, Series KDR Optimized Drive Reactors and Series KLR Line Reactors mount to either standard steel high profile or heavy duty steel DIN rails. Three lines in and 3 lines out means clean cable layouts and cabinet organization. UL Listed units are available with NEMA 1, UL Type 1, and UL Type 3 R enclosures. Addition of reactor to output of drive dampens overshoot peak voltage and minimizes motor heating and audible noise.

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TCI has Increased the Versatility of its KDR(TM) Optimized Drive Reactors and KLR(TM) Line Reactors

TCI is introducing DIN Rail Drive Reactors, a separate line of KDR Optimized Drive Reactors and KLR Line Reactors that are equipped with a DIN Rail mount. DIN Rail Drive Reactors make installation a snap.

TCI is also introducing UL Listed KDR Optimized Drive Reactors and KLR Line Reactors, as well as UL Type 1 and Type 3R enclosures for the UL Listed Reactors.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, April 4, 2005

TCI is releasing DIN Rail Drive Reactors, designed to reduce your installation time and cost. DIN Rail Drive Reactors are designed to be compatible with any 35mm DIN Rail. These reactors mount to either "Standard Steel High Profile" or "Heavy Duty Steel" DIN Rails.

Using DIN Rail Drive Reactors reduces installation time by over 75%. Installation requires no specialized tools. Simple 3 lines in, 3 lines out means clean cable layouts and improved cabinet organization.

TCI is also releasing UL Listed Reactors. KDR Optimized Drive Reactors and KLR Line Reactors are now available as UL Listed products. UL Type 1 and UL Type 3R enclosures are available for UL Listed Reactors.

The enclosure you select for your reactor will depend on two things: the degree of protection the reactor must have against indoor and outdoor environments as well as the certification requirements of the installation. TCI offers NEMA 1 enclosures, UL Type 1 and UL Type 3R enclosures.

NEMA 1 enclosures are best used when your application is indoors and you need protection against dust. The vent slot size provides cooling for the unit. KDR and KLR Reactors fit mechanically in the smaller NEMA 1 enclosures.

When your application is indoors and requires a larger space for wire bending, UL Type 1 enclosures are the optimal choice. UL Type 1 enclosures provide protection against a limited amount of falling dirt as well as a vent slot size that provides cooling for the unit. This larger enclosure provides the necessary space for heat dissipation.

Outdoor applications require an enclosure that provides a degree of protection against falling rain and the formation of ice on the enclosure. UL Type 3R enclosures are intended for outdoor use. This larger enclosure provides space for wire bending and adequate space for heat dissipation.

TCI Reactors applied to the line side of a VFD drive will greatly improve the overall performance of the drive. The additional circuit inductance will reduce AC voltage waveform line notching, DC bus overvoltage trips, inverter overvoltage, poor total power factor, and cross-talk. The addition of a reactor to the output of a drive will dampen overshoot peak voltage, reduce motor heating and audible noise, helping to extend the life of the motor.

TCI is committed to developing and utilizing operating systems and technologies that ensure TCI consistently satisfies each customer's quality and service needs while meeting all industry, statutory, and regulatory standards.

For more information on DIN Rail Reactors, UL Listed Reactors and UL enclosures, please feel free to visit our website at or contact us at (800) TCI-8282.

TCI will be the supplier of choice for products and services that increase the value and improve the performance of electronic power conversion systems.

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