Drive Belts handle loads with reduced drive widths.

Press Release Summary:

WhiteHawk Pd and BlackHawk Pd positive-drive, synchronous belts increase load-carrying capacity and allow narrower belt-drives. Oil-resistant, cross-linked elastomer Hibrex rubber compound is formulated to increase tooth rigidity. WhiteHawk 8 mm and 14 mm pitch belts are available in 20 mm to 170 mm widths and 480 mm to 6.86 meter lengths. BlackHawk 8 mm and 14 mm pitch belts are available in 12 mm to 120 mm widths and 480 mm to 4.956 meter lengths.

Original Press Release:

Goodyear Flies with Universal Positive Drive Belts

CHICAGO, March 18, 2002 - With eyes like a hawk, Goodyear has drawn a bead on virtually every competitor's high-capacity synchronous belt application, thanks to two new universal tooth profile belts.

Goodyear WhiteHawk Pd and BlackHawk Pd synchronous belts offer unmatched compatibility, high-horsepower loads and reduced drive widths, according to Tom Lee, synchronous belt product manager.

With so many tooth profiles and horsepower ratings in the marketplace - and ultimately on production lines - there is a need for a tooth design that fits as many drives as possible, said Lee.

"WhiteHawk and BlackHawk fit the bill and outperform competitive belts in sprocket profiles found on many Gates, Dayco, Browning and other high-capacity drives," he said. "And our parts numbering system is compatible with industry numbers for ease of ordering." Both belts contain Goodyear's Hibrex rubber compound, increasing load-carrying capacity and allowing narrower belt-drives, compared to conventional systems. The compound is an oil-resistant, cross-linked elastomer formulated to increase tooth rigidity.

Lee said tests demonstrate that a 20mm-wide WhiteHawk can replace an existing 30mm belt drive system, creating drive-cost savings of up to 15 percent. Tests also showed that BlackHawk, with its Flexten tensile member, is stronger and more stable, outperforming traditional drives in tests.

"BlackHawk lasts up to three times longer than a competitor's comparably-sized belt, which can reduce costly downtime," he said.

He added that each belt tooth profile has Goodyear Plioguard facing to resist abrasion, reduce friction and ratcheting, and engage sprockets smoothly.

WhiteHawk's 8mm and 14mm pitch belts are available in 20mm to 170mm widths and 480mm to 6.86 meter lengths, while BlackHawk's 8mm and 14mm pitch belts are available in 12mm to 120mm widths and 480mm to 4.956 meter lengths from Goodyear authorized distributors.

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