Drills feature TiAIN coating for improved wear resistance.

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ADX TiAlN Coated Drills have convex cutting edges and volute point. They are available in jobber and intermediate lengths, and in solid and oilfeed versions. Each has stepped shank to DIN 6535, with or without whistle notch. Intermediate length allows for drilling up to 3.5X diameter depth in 1 pass, while jobber lengths achieve 5X diameter depth. Sizes range from 3.0 to 30.0 mm, with fractional sizes available on HSS TiN coated ranges from 1/8 to ½ in.

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New Coating Increases Dormer ADX Drill Productivity

Asheville, NC October 21, 2002...Dormer Tools Inc. announces increased productivity on 4 new ADX drill ranges utilizing Balzers Futura Nano Top TiAlN coating. This TiAlN coating process provides improvements in coating adhesion and wear resistance resulting in longer tool life, even at higher speed and feed recommendations which accompany the ADX drill ranges. With convex cutting edges, volute point and unique geometry, the 4 new ADX ranges are available in 2 lengths, jobber and intermediate, and in both solid and oilfeed versions. Each one has a stepped shank to DIN 6535, with a choice of HA (without whistle notch) and HE (with whistle notch) shanks, to allow for improved tool-holding. The intermediate length drills allow for drilling up to 3.5 x diameter depth in one pass, while the jobber lengths achieve 5 x diameter depth. The oilfeed versions are recommended for drilling deep holes in difficult to machine materials, such as austenitic stainless steel. The Volute point geometry increases positional accuracy and helps to reduce axial thrust and eliminates the need for pre-centering on most applications.

The flute geometry of the ADX drills, along with the faster than standard helix angle, allow for excellent chip management. The resulting swarf is broken up into small manageable chips, but the increased flute space enables it to be transported up the flute with a smooth and efficient action. The entire ADX range includes sizes 3.0mm to 30.0mm, with fractional sizes available on the HSS TiN coated ranges from 1/8" to 1/2". There are also selected fractional sizes on the new A551 HSCo TiAlN range. ADX drills are recommended for drilling into the majority of workpiece materials. The Dormer Application Material Group chart, found in the ADX catalog, provide information for optimum drilling speeds.


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