Drills and Cutters provide portable presses and accurate holes.

Press Release Summary:

Durabore(R) Drillmate(R) converts hand held air drills, corded electric, and battery operated hand drills into portable drill presses. Hole diameters up to 1 1/16 in. are produced with 1/2 in. hand drills when using DuraBore(R) center free mini cutters. Vacforce(R) converts hand held air drills into 8 lb portable drill presses. Hole diameters to 1 1/16 in. through 5/8 in. material thickness are produced. Mini Cutters produce accurate burr free holes in material less than 5/8 in. thick.

Original Press Release:

DuraBore(R) Drillmate(R), DuraBore(R) Vacforce(R) and Durabore(R) Mini Cutters


CML USA, Inc. presents the Durabore® Drillmate® portable drilling system. Drillmate® adapts quickly to convert most hand held air drills and several corded electric and battery operated hand drills into portable drill presses. Drillmates® rack and pinion design feed design generates 14 pounds of feed force drilling pressure for every one pound exerted by the operator, effectively eliminating operator fatigue and increasing drilling safety and productivity. Hole diameters up to 1-1/16" are easily produced with 1/2" hand drills when using the optional DuraBore® center free mini cutters or up to l2" diameter with standard twist drills. Large throat opening and feed travel increase Drillmates® versatility. Ideal for a wide variety of applications including: steel fabrication, maintenance, pipe fitters, truck frame modifications, farmers, fence contractors, electricians, HVAC contractors and home maintenance. Included accessories allow Drillmate® to easily drill I beam and rounds.


CML USA Inc. presents the Durabore® Vacforce® portable drilling system. Vacforce® quickly converts most hand held air drills into stable lightweight eight-pound portable drill presses. Small powerful vacuum base rigidly secures Vacforce® to ferrous and non-ferrous materials as well as uneven surfaces such as diamond plate for productive drilling. One air connection secures the vacuum base, operates drill motor and adjustable
down feed drilling force, effectively eliminating electrical connections. Vacforce® sealed design is also suitable for underwater drilling. Hole diameters to 1-1/16 diameter thru 5/8" material thickness are easily produced in one process when using Durabore® mini cutters. Hole diameters to 2-1/2" are possible with the optional gear reduction unit. Vacforce® drill head swivels to accommodate corner-drilling applications. Safety valve ensures Vacforce® operates only when vacuum base is secure. Ideal for a wide variety of applications including: sheet
metal. Electrical, masonry, aerospace, automotive, marine, plumping, refineries, maintenance, and truck frame modification. Pressurized coolant lubrication system and pipe drilling attachment available.

Durabore® Mini Cutters

Durabore® center free Mini cutters produce accurate burr free holes in one operation improving productivity and reducing cost. Mini cutters adapt quickly and easily to Durabore® Drillmate®, Durabore® Vacforce®, as well as most conventional drill presses and vertical milling machines. Center free drilling design reduces horsepower requirements, expands machinery capacity, and eliminates pre-drilling, step drilling and hole finishing operations. Available in diameters 7/1/6" to 1-1/16" Mini cutters are ideal for all drilling fabricating operations in material less than 5/8" thick. Durabore® Mini cutters are manufactured from premium M42 HSS with cobalt for increased tool life and durability.

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