Drilling System is equipped with OTT hydraulic drawbar.

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Mold block deep hole drilling system offers optional secondary operations head (EZ-HEAD) for milling up to 5 in. dia, tapping from 1.5 to 11.5 NPT (max), and counter-boring to 3 in. dia. Combination gun drill/BTA machine has 2 in. dia drilling capacity and 84 in. drilling depth (stroke). Four-axis machine features 84 x 84 in. work table with load capacity to 100,000 lbs. Its column provides 84, 48, and 24 in. X, Y, and Z travel, respectively.

Original Press Release:

New Mold Block Deep Hole Drilling Systems Offers Secondary Operations Head For Faster Production And Lower Costs

Kent, OH: TechniDrill Systems, Inc., a global manufacturer of gun drill, BTA and ejector deep hole drilling systems, has introduced machines for moldmakers with an optional secondary operations head for milling, tapping and counter-boring.

Designed specifically for moldmakers is the combination gun drill/BTA machine with a 2" diameter drilling capacity and an 84" effective drilling depth (stroke). This 4 axis machine features an 84" x 84" work table with a load capacity of 100,000 pounds for larger molds. The column provides 84" "X" travel, plus 24" sub "Z" (in and out travel). The spindles are designed for 48" "Y" travel.

The secondary operations head, the "EZ-HEAD," fits compactly on the machine head stock and offers milling, tapping, and counter-boring operations after deep hole drilling. Utilizing TDS-3000 full CNC, speeds and feeds are programmable. Spindle speeds are variable with a 10 hp drive and quick feeds are 0-50" per minute with 11" stroke.

The EZ-HEAD offers face milling of up to 5" in diameter, counter-boring to 3" in diameter, and tapping from 1.5 to 11.5 NPT maximum. The spindle is #50 taper and equipped with an OTT hydraulic drawbar for rapid tooling changes.

According to Jim Sundberg, vice president of TechniDrill, "The programmability and fast tool changing capabilities of this machine reduce production time and save money on mold blocks and other work pieces."

For more information, contact TechniDrill Systems, Inc., 429 Portage Blvd., Kent, Ohio 44240. Tel: 1-800-914-5863 or 330-678-9980. Fax: 330-678-9981. E-mail: jsundberg@technidrillsystems.com.

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