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Drill Rig Motor has modular frame design.

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Mar 10, 2014 - Intended for offshore and onshore drilling rigs, BAC1150 features terminal box with connections on both ends of motor and Class H stator insulation system that uses corona resistance Kapton wrapped wire. Air is brought in equally from both ends of motor for even and effective cooling, and airflow concept improves power utilization. Modular frame design, which enables mounting of blower on side; stator bus ring system; and bolt-on accessory options lend to flexibility.

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Siemens Launches BAC1150, New Drill Rig Motor for Onshore Land Drilling Rigs

Press release date: Feb 28, 2014

Proprietary airflow concept providing better and more evenly cooling
Modular design delivering flexibility for onshore drilling operations
Addition of BAC1150 to portfolio provides full motor offering for both offshore and onshore drilling rigs

Siemens Industry announces the launch of BAC1150, a drill rig motor for onshore land drilling rigs. The new drill rig motor is applicable in draw-works, mud pumps and rotary table applications. The motor provides flexibility, increased power utilization, increased ruggedness, and durability.

The BAC1150 uses a proprietary cooling concept that brings in air equally from both ends of the motor providing better and more even cooling. The airflow concept improves temperature distribution providing higher power utilization to oil rig operators.

The new drill rig motor provides flexibility with its innovative stator bus ring system, modular frame design, and bolt-on accessory options.  Commonly drill rigs are set-up and then moved to new locations.  The stator bus ring system on the BAC1150 provides flexibility when using the same motor in a new location.  The terminal box has connections on both ends of the motor eliminating the need for rerouting cables and removing end shields to adapt the connections for the new location.

The drill rig motor has a modular frame design allowing the option to mount the blower on the side when space constraints are an issue.  The fabricated frame contains no castings making it rugged and durable.

In traditional units adding accessories to a unit at a later date can often be very labor intensive.  The drill rig motor also provides flexibility when adding components such as a tachometer.  This option is a bolted on accessory that requires no disassembly to the existing unit with minimal installation effort.

“Our customers consistently tell us that they need flexibility in their equipment and with our rich heritage in designing and manufacturing custom motors Siemens is able to meet our customers’ demanding requirements.  We wanted to continue this heritage into our Drill Rig motor line.  Although we will offer a standard line for quick shipments, we are flexible in our design approach to fit many customer specific requirements,” explains Mark Cooksey, general manager of large drive industrial applications.

Additionally, the BAC1150 contains a Class H stator insulation system that uses corona resistance Kapton wrapped wire.  A tropicalization treatment is a standard offering as well which improves the reliability of the motor and is ideal for severe duty drive applications.

With the addition of the BAC1150, Siemens now provides a full offering of motors in both air and water jacket cooled designs for both onshore and offshore operations to the oil and gas industry.  “Siemens is a true global company with experience in electric motors. We can provide support for our customers with our existing network around the world.  In addition, Siemens is more than a motor manufacturer. We also supply integrated drive systems consisting of motors, drives and mechanical components,” says Cooksey.

The BAC1150 will be built at Siemens Norwood Motor Manufacturing Plant.  The facility has built motors locally for over 115 years.

The BAC1150 will be exhibited for the first time at the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition, March 4-6, booth 127, in Fort Worth, Texas.

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