Dresser Masoneilan® Selected as Digital Valve Positioner Supplier for Major Power Company in Korea

SVI II AP Provides Reliable Advance Insight into Control Valve Operations with Extreme Accuracy

HOUSTON (March 10, 2010) - Dresser Masoneilan® today announced that it has been specified as the digital valve positioner supplier for a major power company in Korea. The SVI II AP will provide accurate control valve positioning with advanced diagnostics for power generation and supply.

Dresser Masoneilan's SVI II AP is considered the ultimate tool for high-end valve health diagnostics and predictive valve maintenance. The interoperability of the SVI II AP via HART communication offers greater flexibility and the opportunity for plant revenue enhancement by making various options for local or remote communications available. The simple installation and reliability may also result in reduced start-up and operating costs.

"The SVI II AP utilizes leading-edge technology that combines multiple sensors with smart software to give our customers a real-time view of their process," said Michael Patterson, global director of marketing for digital solutions for the Flow Technologies segment of Dresser Inc. "The tool enables customers to identify performance degradation and costly equipment failures before they occur, allowing them to implement proactive measures. This not only helps customers to avoid downtime but also to manage financial risk."

The robust and proven design of the SVI II AP makes it the ideal choice for applications such as antisurge control valves and offers customers a low total cost of ownership. The magnetic Hall Effect position sensor technology provides high resolution accuracy in control. The SVI II AP can also determine if the process is being operated in the prime operating range and alert a resource management system if sub-prime conditions are detected.

For additional information on the Dresser Masoneilan SVI II AP or to contact a sales office, visit www.dressermasoneilan.com.

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