Draw Batch Oven Used for Stress Relieving Stainless Steel Shafts for Turbines

Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured a gas fired industrial draw batch oven with a powered load table for a company that repairs and refurbishes generators and steam or combustion turbines. The draw batch oven is used for stress relieving stainless steel shafts used in turbines after a welding process. The Wisconsin Oven stress relieving oven replaced the customer's previous oven which could not maintain the required temperature tolerance or required production capacity. The new stress relieving oven provided a faster heat up rate and increased production capacity along with tighter temperature tolerances.

The heat treating oven has basket dimensions of 5'0" wide x 7'6"high x 5'0" long and a maximum operating temperature of 1400º F. The batch oven was designed with the capacity to heat 2,000 pounds of steel from 500° to 1300° F within six (6) hours when the oven is preheated. Wisconsin Oven designed the draw batch oven with a horizontal sliding door instead of a vertical lift door due to the height restrictions at the customer's facility. The powered load/unload table was rated at a capacity of 2,000 pounds. The stress relieving oven is fabricated with 4" of insulation in a CAN style construction. The inner shell and ductwork are fabricated with 18 gauge 309 stainless steel. The heating system features a 750,000 BTU per hour air heat burner including a motorized gas control valve, flame detector and flame relay with alarm horn. The recirculation system provides combination air flow and utilizes a 15,000 CFM @ 15 HP blower. The majority of the air is delivered under the work to flow vertically upward past and through the product to provide even heating and maximize temperature uniformity.

The stress relieving oven has a UL certified NEMA 12 control enclosure with IEC style motor starters, push buttons, and pilot lights. The customer required a 9-point temperature uniformity of +/-20° F at 1365° F. The temperature for the draw batch oven is controlled by a digital West Pro-VU programmable controller and recorded by a Honeywell DR4300 10" circular chart recorder.

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