DragonWave Solution Fuels Business Only Broadband's Expansion In Chicago and Into New Markets

DragonWave at heart of Business Only Broadband's multi-million-dollar Chicago upgrade and introduction of services in New York

11/5/07 - Ottawa, Canada

DragonWave Inc. "DragonWave" (AIM/TSX: DWI), a leading global supplier of next-generation wireless networks, today announced that Business Only Broadband, a provider of fixed wireless broadband solutions in the Chicago area, has selected a DragonWave solution to roll out higher-bandwidth services to business customers. Business Only Broadband is deploying DragonWave technology to increase the speeds of its primary, secondary and disaster-recovery connectivity services in Chicago to more than 300 Megabits per second (Mbps)-and to introduce those services in additional markets.

"We are near completion of our multi-million-dollar upgrade in Chicago, and we will be counting on DragonWave to help us expand into New York, as well," said Richard S. Kingston, chief executive officer of Business Only Broadband. "Our corporate customers seek to protect network operations against failure and diversify networks that have been solely reliant on traditional, wire line local exchange carriers. Consequently, we conducted an extensive search for a quality wireless partner providing very high levels of scalability, reliability and security, and we found everything we were looking for in DragonWave alone."

Added Chris Craven, chief operating officer of Business Only Broadband: "As clients look to Metro Ethernet, MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) and load-balancing solutions, Business Only Broadband and DragonWave will team up to provide the best alternative to have secure, diverse data delivery."

Business Only Broadband is Chicago's largest wireless broadband provider, with a network of 29 transmission sites configured in self-healing ring architecture. The network is engineered specifically to meet the data-continuity needs of today's business environment, such as redundant data centers, interconnection with multiple Tier 1 transit providers, no common point of failure with the embedded Telco infrastructure, full duplex-committed information rate services and scalable bandwidth on demand.

"We believe our solution provides Business Only Broadband with a future-proofed strategy for ongoing growth in Chicago, New York and additional markets," said Alan Solheim, vice president of product management at DragonWave. "The power, cost-effective flexibility and security of DragonWave are the tools that Business Only Broadband needs to serve fast-growing customers with changing bandwidth requirements and the need to protect mission-critical application traffic."

DragonWave's Horizon and AirPair products operate within both licensed and unlicensed radio frequencies in the 11-to-38-GHz range, ensuring interference-free performance for customers' traffic. DragonWave product solutions provide scalable, ultra-low latency, wire-speed native Ethernet connectivity up to 800 Mbps full duplex. The systems are extremely easy to deploy and manage, with a full suite of network management options. DragonWave has indoor and outdoor deployment options, and is a highly reliable platform enabling 99.999% service availability.

Business Only Broadband (BOB)

Business Only Broadband (BOB) provides fixed wireless broadband primary and backup Internet service to the large enterprise market in Chicago and its surrounding communities. BOB is the largest independent wireless broadband network in Chicago land. BOB's network is completely independent of the local phone company and its copper wires or fiber lines. For more information, visit www.bobbroadband.com.

For more information, visit their website at www.bobbroadband.com.

DragonWave Incorporated

DragonWave(TM) is a leading provider of high-capacity wireless Ethernet equipment used in emerging IP networks. DragonWave designs, develops, and markets carrier-grade microwave radio frequency networking equipment that wirelessly transmit broadband voice, video and other data. DragonWave's wireless Ethernet products, which are based on a native Ethernet platform, function as a wireless extension to an existing fibre-optic core telecommunications network. The principal application for DragonWave's products is the backhaul function in a wireless communications network. Additional applications for DragonWave's products include point-to-point transport in private networks, including municipal and enterprise networks. DragonWave's corporate headquarters is located in Ottawa, Ontario, with sales locations in Europe, Middle East and North America.

The company's Web site is www.dragonwaveinc.com.

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