DP Transmitter features in-line, push-button calibration.

Press Release Summary:

Available in models that cover 1-10 in. wc range with ±2.0% FS accuracy and ±1% FS/yr stability, Series 616K Differential Pressure (DP) Transmitter with One Touch® Transmitter Technology allows for proper calibration of ZERO and SPAN via digital pushbutton. No additional reference pressure sources or separate calibration devices are necessary, and there is no need to remove unit from service. Product has 2 psi pressure limit and 32 to 122°F temperature limits.

Original Press Release:

NEW! SERIES 616K Economy Differential Pressure Transmitter

Dwyer Instruments, Inc., the preferred source for your complete range of practical and affordable instrumentation, is announcing the release of its NEW SERIES 616K DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE TRANSMITTER. The Series 616OT One-Touch® Transmitter is designed for simplicity making it the ideal choice for installers and maintenance professionals.

The Series 616K Differential Pressure Transmitter with One Touch® Transmitter Technology is a cost-effective, compact transmitter that reduces up front costs as well as expenses over the life of the product. Series 616K Differential Pressure Transmitter is ideal for building automation applications such as air handlers, duct pressure and filter monitoring. The 616K not only alleviates cumbersome turn pots typically found in most transmitters, but eliminates entirely the need to span the instrument during calibration. With a single digital push button both ZERO AND SPAN are calibrated properly, nothing else is required. No additional reference pressure sources and separate calibration devices are necessary; no need to remove from service and send to the lab. All the installer or user needs to do is let the unit sit at zero reference pressure, and then push a button. That is it! The transmitter is now ready for operation. Time savings are enormous over the life of the product compared to traditional transmitters which require time to annually remove the product from service as well as the extensive time to actually perform a full span calibration. Available models include ranges from 1" w.c. to 10" w.c.

Complete details are available on our website @ http://www.dwyer-inst.com/Products/Product.cfm?Group_ID=20045

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