Dow Highlights OUDRA(TM) Solution Series for FBE Pipe Coatings

• Helps improve coating performance at elevated service temperature

• Facilitates improvements in flexibility and toughness

• Helps lower application temperature for formulated coatings applied to high tensile steel

Philadelphia, PA – Dow Coating Materials has branded a suite of high-performance epoxy resins under its OUDRA™ Solution Series to meet the needs of next-generation oil and gas pipelines that are installed in harsh environments and/or operated at higher service temperatures.  The specialty resins can be used to formulate fusion bonded epoxy coatings that increase overall durability and enhance performance properties affected by temperature.

The OUDRA Solutions Series and other technologies for industrial coatings will be showcased at the Dow Exhibition Stand at the European Coatings Show in Nurnberg, Germany, March 19-21, 2013.

"The OUDRA Solution Series is dedicated to the development and delivery of raw material innovations that will help formulators take maintenance and protective coatings to the next level of performance," said Jan Weernink, Marketing Director, Dow Coating Materials.

For coating pipe, fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) is the preferred material due to its excellent adhesion and corrosion protection; however, FBE coatings can be damaged during pipe handling, storage and installation.  The OUDRA Solution Series offers enhanced FBE damage resistance through the use of OUDRATough™ HPC Solid Epoxy Resin.  Designed for dual-layer FBE coatings, this specialty epoxy resin features self-assembling toughening technology that helps the formulated coating maintain key performance properties even at subzero temperatures.  These performance properties include abrasion resistance overcoat (ARO) flexibility, impact resistance and gouge resistance. 

The OUDRA™ Solution Series also includes OUDRATherm™ HPC Solid Epoxy Resin.  This specialty epoxy can be used to formulate FBE coatings with glass transition (Tg) temperatures exceeding 160°C.  This is notably higher than standard epoxy resins and facilitates FBE coatings suited to pipelines that service an increasing number of high temperature wells, such as those found in ultra deep water or complex oil sands.

"The ultimate goal of the OUDRA Solution Series for pipe is to help companies efficiently and cost-effectively tap and transport oil and gas resources from higher temperature wells and from regions where installation and operation is taking place in rougher terrain and/or in much colder climates," said Weernink.

In addition to helping enhance end-use performance properties at extreme temperatures, the OUDRA Solution Series for pipe also offers energy-saving application options through the use of OUDRACool™ HPC Specialty Epoxy Resin.  When properly formulated, OUDRACool HPC Resin in combination with OUDRACURE™ HPC 90 Hardener can be applied at temperatures as low as 170°C and develop properties that are equivalent to standard FBEs applied at temperatures as high as 240°C.

"This level of performance allows asset owners to protect pipes made of high tensile steel without compromising the integrity of the alloy," said Weernink.  "When this technology is used on conventional steel pipes, it can reduce the energy intensity of the coating process and helps lower the overall application cost."

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