DoveLock Dovetail Vises offers anti-deflection control.

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Made from pre-hardened 4140 steel, DoveLock Vises allow access to 5 sides of the workpiece in 5-axis, 4th-axis and palletized CNC machining systems. Vises are available in 1-inch and 2-inch jaw width with superior clamping strength. Having unique reversible jaws of 0.33” to 1.65” for wider clamping area, user can apply maximum dovetail strip as needed by configurations. Features sturdy design and lowers high machining pressure, deflection and clamp creep.

Original Press Release:

Kurt Introduces Two New DoveLock™ Dovetail Vises With Reversible Jaws For Holding Wider Range Of Part Blanks And Dovetail Widths

Kurt’s new DoveLock™ dovetail vises are ideal for superior clamping strength and specifically designed for allowing access to 5 sides of the workpiece in 5-axis, 4th-axis and palletized CNC machining systems. DoveLock vise is available in two sizes, a 1-inch jaw width DTR10 model and 2-inch jaw width DTR20 model.

With a jaw opening of 0.33 to 1.65 inches depending on the DoveLock model, the unique reversible jaws of the vise provides for a wider clamping range of the dovetail workpiece. Varying sized dovetail widths from setup to setup can be accommodated because of the moveable jaw stroke. This allows the machinist to use the optimum sized dovetail strip best suited for the part size and configuration. Additionally, preparation of the part blank does not require the dovetail holding strip to be machined within 0.001”, therefore machining is much faster than with other dovetail styles holding fixtures.

Designed and built from pre-hardened 4140 steel, the DoveLock vise is a robust design and minimizes high machining pressure, deflection and clamp creep. Anti-deflection control is also accomplished by two key features of the vise: 1) the moveable jaw slide is retained within the stationary jaw, 2) the vises clamping screw is positioned at the top of the clamping envelope providing additional anti-deflection control.

Both Dovelock models come integrated with a mounting base pre-configured with hole patterns to fit most CNC machines. Additional riser bases or pallet options are available from the factory.

The new Kurt DoveLock vises have a Lifetime Iron Clad Warranty and are part of a complete family of five axis workholding products from Kurt.

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