Dot-Peen Marker offers marking window of 2.36 x 1.18 in.

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Measuring 10½ x 5½ x 3½ in. and weighing 6.5 lb, all-electric Model HMG 60 provides marking speed of three 1/8 in. characters/sec with max marking force of 20 lb. Hand-held unit includes integrated cycle button in handle and has two 2-axis stepping motors that move peen marking head to produce legible marks. Device is controlled by EasyMarker controller with 4-line LCD screen, and input is made through standard EasyMarker keyboard.

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Columbia Marking Tools, Inc. Introduces New Hand Held Industrial Dot-Peen Marker

New all-electric system weighs only 6.5 pounds and is well suited for the industrial environment

Columbia Marking Tools, Inc. is introducing the new HMG 60 all-electric hand held industrial dot-peen marker. This new compact unit is easy-to-use and has an integrated cycle button built right into the handle. The unit has a marking window of 2.36-inches x 1.18-inches (60 x 30 mm). Marking speed is three 1/8-inch characters per second, with a maximum of 20 pounds of marking force

The HMG 60 marker is 10-1/2-inches long, 5-1/2-inches wide and 3-1/2-inches deep and weighs only 6.5 pounds. Functionally, the marker uses two 2-axis stepping motors that accurately move the precision HMG peen marking head to produce highly legible marks. The unit is controlled by a standard EasyMarker controller that has a four-line LCD screen. Input is made through a standard EasyMarker keyboard. Standard units require no PC. However, if the user desires more sophisticated software, the control can be integrated with a Windows® based PC.

The HMG 60 hand held dot-peen marker system includes the marking head, controller, keyboard and 10-ft. long electrical and marking head cable. Special details can be provided by Columbia Marking Tools to locate on a specific part or irregular shape.

Columbia Marking Tools is a leading designer and manufacturer of metal and plastic
marking equipment including stamps, roll marking dies, roll marking and impact marking machines, fully programmable peen/scribe marking and UID/2D Square ◙ Dot® machines,
numbering heads and special marking machines.

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