Dorrie's NVH Tape Provides Interior Sound Abatement Solutions

Dorrie International introduces a Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Tape that reduces or eliminates noise and squeak problems from car and truck interiors. Also known as "squeak tape", Dorrie's NVH Tape consists of flocked fabric material backed by pressure-sensitive adhesive.

This noise-buffering material solves a variety of noise and vibration problems, including rubbing, chafing, itching, chattering, rattling and squeaking. Dorrie normally ships NVH Tape on spools, but precut, ready-to-apply pieces are also available. A weatherable version, for exterior applications, can also be furnished.

For more information on NVH Tape, please contact Dorrie International by phone at (203) 846-2037, fax at (203) 847-2831 or email at Or visit the company's Web site at

Brian Mish
Technical Sales

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