Dorner's ESP Program Saves Bottling Customers Time and Money with Specially Built LPZ Series Conveyor

HARTLAND, Wis., (May 31, 2006) - When a customer's application called for a precise amount of air to be blown into passing bottles.. .and have those bottles separated on a conveyor into groups of eight.. .Dorner's Engineer Specials Program proved it's not just filled with a lot of hot air.

ESP is a program that pays extra attention to building conveyors with unique dimensions and characteristics above and beyond the dimensions of Dorner's regular conveyor platforms. Instead of trying to build a conveyor in-house from scratch to make it fit, the customer saved time and money by having people who are conveyor experts, such as the team on Dorner's ESP program, handle the project.

In this particular instance, the customer first needed a conveyor to move bottles to an elevated packaging station - which is a perfect fit for Dorner's LPZ Series conveyors. The LPZ Series is designed with one or two pivot points, allowing the conveyor to be adjusted at different angles.

Next the customer needed its bottles to be separated into four groups of two for proper spacing during packaging. The ESP program designed the conveyor into four lanes by installing three separators on top of the conveyors, and used a cleated belt to form continuous lanes of four groups.

Bottles are automatically placed on the conveyor from a bottle-filling machine. The application, however, stated the passing bottles needed a precise amount of air injected into them prior to packaging. The ESP Program developed special air knives (air cooling devices) to be mounted in each lane to inject the air into passing bottles.

"This bottling application required a fairly complicated conveyor system to best meet its packaging needs," said Gary Wemmert, director of new business development. "Building a conveyor system like this in-house would be a rather time-consuming, challenging task for someone to try. Unique applications like this LPZ conveyor are exactly what our ESP program handles every day."

Since all of Dorner's conveyors are made to order, building an ESP LPZ Series conveyor for a customer, or making other special modifications to one of its six major conveyor platforms is a breeze. The ESP program is another value customers receive in doing business with Dorner and it further enhances the company's commitment to being responsive.

Delivery for an ESP LPZ Series conveyor and related accessories is typically four weeks from final approval.

Hartland, Wisconsin-based Dorner Manufacturing is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality conveyors and related equipment. Since 1973, companies from around the world have turned to Dorner conveyors for greatly improved efficiency and productivity. For more information about products or company news, visit Dorner's Web site at or call 1-800-397-8664.

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