Door Cart helps worker safely install doors.

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Door Jak(TM) 50 allows one worker to transport and install heavy doors of all types. It weighs 60 lb and folds for easy transport. Unit is rated to handle steel, fire-rated, solid-core, and commercial-grade doors up to 250 lb. Door Jak 100 commercial door cart offers over capacity 750 lb and is used in hospitals, universities, airports, hotels, and large facilities.

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Hardnox LLC Announces New Door Jak 50 Product Line

Company Creates New Dealer Program to Support Sales and Distribution in North America SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Dec. 4, 2002 / -- Hardnox LLC, the creator of the Door Jak, announced the product launch of the Door Jak(tm) 50, a sturdy, portable door cart for installing residential and commercial doors designed with workers' safety and efficiency in mind. The Company also announced its North American Dealer program for the Door Jak 50. The Door Jak is the only door installation cart that allows one worker to safely transport and install heavy doors of all types. The Door Jak 50 is a door cart for the tradesman who maintains and installs doors. It weighs 60 lbs and folds for easy transport to and from job sites and facility areas. It is a rugged tool, easy to use, rated to handle steel, fire rated, solid core, and commercial grade doors up to 250lbs. The Door Jak 50 suggested retail price is $599. The Company also manufactures the Door Jak 100, a heavy-duty full-featured commercial door cart with the capacity to carry up to 750lbs. or more and is in use today at hospitals, universities, airports, hotels, and large facilities all over the world by workers and general contractors. Both Door Jaks allow one worker to safely remove or install large and oversized doors thus reducing the risk of injury while increasing productivity. They feature smooth controls, stability and high quality workmanship and are used by carpenters, locksmiths, painters, repair crews, general contractors and anyone who has the responsibility for maintaining facilities and new construction requiring door removal or installation. Hardnox LLC also announced the launch of its North American Dealer Program. The new program for the Door Jak 50 is now in place to distribute the Door Jak with an attractive price point and supports the dealers with sales materials and technical support. "The Door Jak 50 was created as a result of our industry research exposing the need for a lower priced but sturdy door cart," said Jim Echternacht, Hardnox LLC President. "The Door Jak 50, like the Door Jak 100, is so easy to use, you roll it up to a door, use the controls and attach the door using only one worker. No more pinched fingers and sore backs." "The Door Jak 50 should be in the hands of every tradesman who works on doors. We can achieve this through our network of dealers that include tool stores, distributors, door dealers and reps in the industry," said Robert Reali, Hardnox LLC National Marketing and Sales Director. "The Door Jak 50, with its $599 price point, should do very well in wide distribution. The Door Jak potentially reduces the costs of worker's compensation and helps satisfy OSHA federal regulations for lifting in the workplace making it well worth the purchase price." About Hardnox LLC Hardnox LLC founded in 1997, manufactures and sells the Door Jak(tm) product line of commercial door installation carts that allows one worker to safely transport and install heavy and oversized doors. The Company is based in Santa Barbara California and is the single source supplier for the patented Door Jak. Dealers and Distributors are welcome to join the Door Jak 50 North American Dealer Network. The company is located at 2027 De La Vina Street, Suite A, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. Call Toll Free (866) 687-0053 for dealer, sales and product information. Visit us on the Web: for further information. Note: Door Jak and the Door Jak logo are trademarks of Hardnox LLC.

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