Dome Cameras integrate recording system, adaptive analytics.

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Integrating 0.5 TB onboard NVR storage, iCVR dome cameras offer zero-bandwidth recording, eliminating need to stream images across network to central NVR. Adaptive analytics automatically calibrate in minutes to deliver real-time threat detection and forensic evidence. Units integrate with leading video management systems, command and control integration platforms, and access control systems. Vandal-proof, IP66 outdoor rated, and indoor models are available.

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VideoIQ Introduces the iCVR Dome Camera Line

The world's only dome cameras with zero bandwidth recording, adaptive analytics and an advanced VMS

BEDFORD, Mass. - VideoIQ, the leader in video surveillance innovation, announced the availability of a family of iCVR dome cameras. iCVR dome cameras are the world's only cameras with adaptive analytics, onboard Network Video Recorder (NVR) and an advanced Video Management System (VMS).

VideoIQ iCVR dome cameras build upon the success of VideoIQ's iCVR box cameras and encoders, which have achieved rapid market adoption and industry award recognition. With up to a half terabyte of intelligent, onboard NVR storage within each camera, iCVR dome cameras eliminate the need for expensive centralized storage - reducing deployment costs, system complexity, infrastructure, time and resources.

Additionally, VideoIQ's embedded, adaptive analytics automatically calibrate in minutes, delivering superior real-time threat detection and forensic evidence at no additional cost. Finally, with an advanced, fully integrated VMS, VideoIQ delivers the simplest, most powerful video surveillance system on the market within each iCVR dome camera.

Features of the VideoIQ dome cameras include:

- Zero bandwidth recording. Unlike conventional IP video surveillance
systems which have significant bandwidth and storage requirements,
VideoIQ iCVR dome cameras store video in up to half a terabyte of
onboard storage for months worth of recording, eliminating the need to
stream images across a network to a central NVR - reducing network
traffic and bandwidth consumption by over 90%. As a result, iCVR dome
cameras simplify infrastructure dramatically, and can be easily
deployed over existing networks, wireless networks and cellular

- The most advanced video analytics in the industry: iCVR dome cameras'
real-time threat detection relies on VideoIQ's award winning adaptive
analytics, which self calibrate in minutes, maintain calibration over
time, and are capable of uniquely distinguishing people, vehicles and
boats from other objects, animals and scene movement. The camera
issues alarms only when there is a true threat, saving time and money
by enabling security personnel to focus only on events of high

- Simple setup and operation. iCVR dome cameras significantly reduce
installation time and resources. With a fully integrated, onboard NVR
and an advanced VMS, iCVR cameras eliminate the need for centralized
3rd party software and hardware and facilities infrastructure.
Additionally, VideoIQ's embedded analytics automatically calibrate,
getting smarter with each object detected and further reducing
installation time and resources.

- Ready for any environment. VideoIQ's iCVR dome cameras include a
complete family of vandal-proof, IP66 outdoor rated and indoor models
with a full line of mounting accessories for any indoor or outdoor

- Open Integration. All VideoIQ iCVR products are integrated with
leading video management systems, command and control integration
platforms, and access control systems including Genetec, Lenel*,
Milestone and On-Net Surveillance Systems (OnSSI). For a complete
list of integrations, please visit

"The VideoIQ iCVR domes are a market breakthrough, "said Scott Schnell, President and CEO of VideoIQ. "By delivering a fully integrated surveillance system within each camera, VideoIQ makes it simple and cost effective for customers to deploy, whether they are completing an initial installation or expanding their existing system. And with our category leading analytics, customers immediately benefit from a system that is smart, helping them do their job of detecting and mitigating threats, and quickly zeroing in on the video evidence that matters."


The VideoIQ iCVR Dome Family is available now. For more information, contact VideoIQ at 888-351-1758 or

*Lenel integration is scheduled for April 2010.

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VideoIQ is the leading innovator in intelligent video surveillance. VideoIQ's award-winning IP surveillance cameras and encoders include the most advanced, adaptive analytics in the industry, onboard NVR storage and enterprise class video management. Now, VideoIQ is delivering a new standard in megapixel surveillance, with zero bandwidth recording and full megapixel analytics. VideoIQ's simple and powerful surveillance solutions allow customers to pro-actively secure their most important assets across commercial, education, industrial, transportation, telecommunications and government markets. Learn more at today.

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