Document Scanner handles mixed batches at high speeds.

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IntelliScan® XDS offers configuration options for capturing and outputting color images from 65 ppm @ 600 dpi to 550 ppm @ 200 dpi. Featuring modular design with completely open track, multi-application scanner also offers TurboTime(TM) feature to meet occasional peak requirements via use of disposable smart cards. RoHS-compliant unit captures color, bi-tonal, and grayscale image in one pass, and its document feeder requires no pre-sorting or hand feeding of documents.

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BancTec Redefines Document Processing with IntelliScan(R) XDS

DALLAS, April 17 -- BancTec, a leading global provider of advanced, high-volume document and data processing solutions, today announced the launch of IntelliScan(R), a next-generation document processing suite that sets new industry benchmarks for speed and resolution. Forming the core of the IntelliScan solution set is IntelliScan(R) XDS (eXtreme Document Scanner), a multi-application, high-speed, mixed document scanner that offers image-capturing capabilities up to 600 dpi optical resolution and burst mode speeds up to 550 pages per minute.

Leveraging its field-proven and successful DocuScan scanner series, BancTec has designed IntelliScan XDS to provide "best of breed" performance in document handling, processing, scanning and sorting. When paired with the new IntelliScan(R) USC (Universal Scanner Control) software, IntelliScan XDS delivers the most advanced, easy-to-use and flexible high-speed document scanning and processing solution available.

"As part of our next-generation IntelliScan document processing suite, IntelliScan XDS delivers new levels of speed and high-resolution imaging performance," said Mark Fairchild, senior vice president of technology and portfolio management for BancTec. "With its ability to capture image detail not readable by the naked eye -- including fingerprints and high-quality color photographs -- IntelliScan XDS truly has redefined enterprise-class scanning. Coupled with IntelliScan USC and its many other configurable options, IntelliScan XDS will enhance productivity and deliver an exceptional return on investment."

"With the IntelliScan XDS, BancTec has broken through a technology barrier -- they are capturing 300 dpi resolution images at speeds up to 260 ppm. Previously, the highest production speeds at this resolution were under 200 ppm. This makes IntelliScan XDS the fastest in the industry to date," said Mark Schneider, director of business solutions, CRI Solutions.

Key features of IntelliScan XDS include:
-- Configuration options that capture and output color images ranging from 65 pages per minute at a true 600 dpi optical resolution, up to 550 ppm at 200 dpi
-- BancTec's patented TurboTime(TM) feature, which enables organizations to meet occasional peak requirements with disposable "smart" cards that increase standard system speed by 50 percent, thus eliminating the need to overbuy processing capacity
-- Real-time JPEG 2000 image output, enabling the retention of more image detail with a smaller file size
-- Enhanced optics and illumination -- designed for difficult documents and photographs -- which provide even illumination across the entire page and never wear out or degrade
-- Image capture of color, bitonal and grayscale in a single pass
-- A completely open track design that provides the least restrictive paper path in its class
-- The industry's most advanced document feeder, which requires no pre-sorting and hand feeding of documents, and which enables continuous feeding of co-mingled checks, envelopes, tri-fold letters and legal-size documents in a single batch
-- A modular design, allowing for equipment updates and additions as needed

IntelliScan XDS has already drawn positive notice from customers. "After evaluating our current scanning capabilities, we feel that the new IntelliScan XDS will greatly enhance our operations by providing improved overall performance and lowering the processing cost per page," said Nick Brattan, president, New England Document Systems.

As part of the launch of the new IntelliScan suite, BancTec has re-branded its highly successful DocuScan 6000 and DocuScan 9000 scanners, which will continue to be marketed and supported even after the release of IntelliScan XDS. The scanners will be renamed IntelliScan DS6000 and IntelliScan DS9000.

IntelliScan XDS, which will be generally available for shipment by July 2007, has also been designed to meet the European Union RoHS directive.

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