Document Manager Features Product Review on Aptus' Innovative Document Management Software, YourDCC, for Microsoft Sharepoint

Document Manager features Product Review on Aptus' innovative document management software, yourDCC, for Microsoft Sharepoint

London - 24th February 2012 - Document Manager, the UK's leading publication covering document management, content management, capture, imaging and retrieval technologies, today reached a verdict that Aptus Solutions' yourDCC software is 'Highly tuned for the demands of the construction / engineering markets, offering a powerful document control solution for SharePoint environments of all sizes'.

Engineering and construction are among today's most highly regulated and compliance-driven industries. This brings specific challenges for the document management application. The integrity of information held in such a system is absolutely paramount - security of access, audit trail and version control must be foolproof. At the same time, compliance requirements have to be balanced with users' needs: documents must be readily available to relevant staff (and external partners) for collaborative development, and transmittal for review and comment. Crucial to engineering document management are the use of often complex structured numbering systems for documents, instant document status reporting, retrieval by tag number and the ready management of complex transmittal work packs and distribution.
Document Manager says that the innovative yourDCC software developed by Aptus Solutions Ltd has addressed these industry specific needs in a way that integrates intuitively with SharePoint, using its familiar and simple-to-use interface. The software works in the way that information workers in these industries need it to work, conforming to their expectations of file types, which may include CAD files as well as XML and PDF formats, specific file naming conventions and structured document numbering. yourDCC enhances SharePoint by adding Automatic Numbering, Transmittal Management, Document Commenting, Document Relations, Work Packs and Renditions - effectively extending the functionality of Microsoft's offering into that of a fully featured engineering document management and control application.

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