Docter Optics Showcases New Super-Wide-Angle Stilar and Miniature Non-Glare Lenses at Vision 2008

Docter Optics, the world leader in the development and production of molded optical glass components, has traditionally also been a premiere source of lenses for industrial image-processing applications. In addition to its well-known Tevidon series lenses, Docter Optics will also showcase its new Stilar 2.8/8 and reflection-free Auto-Tessar series miniature lenses at Vision 2008. These new lenses enable industrial users to develop and deploy completely new applications. The Docter Optics Precision Glass Components division has also expanded its offering of light pipes and optical concentrators for leading-edge photovoltaic systems.

Vision 2008 attendees will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the functionality of the new Stilar 2.8/8, which represents a new industry benchmark. The Stilar is the first super-wide-angle lens to be developed especially for high-performance camera systems with 1.2½ sensor chips. The Stilar 2.8/8 features a focusing range of 0.10 m to infinity, excellent color correction over the entire visual spectrum and high edge-to-edge resolution. The lens comes with a standard C mount, and additional step rings are optionally available. The Stilar 2.8/8 is ideal for machine-vision and surveying cameras as well as for special surveillance applications.

See for yourself! Auto-Tessar miniature lenses absorb glare

Docter Optics miniaturized Auto-Tessar series HDR lenses are now the choice of preference for applications that call for zero error and compact design under strong glare conditions and require no power supply. These lenses are especially designed to completely absorb reflections and veiling glare completely without the use of electronic means. And the smallest Auto-Tessar weighs in at only 6.5 grams! The benefits these lenses offer for airborne, aerospace and land-based mobile applications as well as for industrial cameras and surveillance systems are obvious - reliable imaging with no information loss in combination with absolutely minimal error from technical sources.

Both the Stilar lens and an Auto-Tessar will be on display for testing purposes at the Docter Optics booth at Vision 2008.

Precision Glass Components - The future in optical design

The demand for custom Docter Optics light pipes designed to homogenize and concentrate light has increased considerably in the course of the past 12 months. Docter Optics ranks among the world leaders when it comes to the design and production of molded optical glass components. The company's reputation derives from two major benefits made available to Docter Optics customers-steady improvement in technology and the cost advantages of the proprietary Docter Optics production process. Docter Optics double-sided molding technology is the ideal choice not only for light pipes and concentrators, but also for aspheres, free-form lenses, mirrors, prisms and complex optical arrays.

Headquartered in Germany's "Optical Valley," Docter Optics GmbH is also present in the Czech Republic, the U.S.A. and Japan.

VISION 2008 visitors will find Docter Optics at Booth No. 6B 55.

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